Word has reached the Internet water cooler that Matt Smith (Doctor Who) has signed the dotted line to star alongside Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones) in Stefan Ruzowitzky‘s Patient Zero, and surprisingly IT IS NOT based on the novel of the same name by Jonathan Maberry. What role might Smith play and what the heck is Patient Zero about?

Here’s the synopsis for Patient Zero:

It takes place when an new rabies strain has resulted in a new species driven by violence. In that backdrop, a human survivor with an unexpected immunity to the disease and the ability to communicate with the new species must find patient zero in order to save his infected wife and family.

Mike Le is writing the script and I’d love to list a few things he has written that you might recognize, but there just aren’t any. There’s a movie called W.M.D. that sounds awful based on the synopsis. Le has more of a track record as a producer with Roll Models and K-Town as his major producing examples.

I imagine that Maberry’s publisher St. Martin’s Griffin might have a few lawyers looking to throw a wrench into the Patient Zero production due to the title and subject matter, which unsurprisingly has a lot of similar zombie troupes like the novel. I will say that it is harder now to have something actually new and fresh about zombies as they have been used to death (and to my absolute personal delight) the last few years in books, movies, and television.

We’ll have to see how this plays out. If it wasn’t Matt Smith and Dormer in the leads I would predict this movie would go directly to DVD.

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