It’s one of those weeks, a week when we seem to get a whole bunch of trailers in one go because with the holiday weekend approaching it’s presumed that a lot of us are going to spend it in a movie theater. We’ve already got Jurassic World, we’re going see Star Wars: The Force Awakens either at the end of the week or before, so now it’s time for Pan, the latest in a line of movies aiming to turn well-established fairy tales on their head. Will Pan do for Peter what Oz: The Great and Powerful did for the Wizard, or what Maleficent did for the Sleeping Beauty villainess? Unknown, but I’ll say this: it’s a damn good looking trailer.

Answering the question that no one asked, Pan tells the tale of how an orphaned boy named Peter (Levi Miller) found his way to Neverland and encountered the pirate Blackbreard (Hugh Jackman), a two-handed James Hook (Garrett Hedlund) and the tribe of natives lead by Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara). Amanda Seyfried also stars as Peter’s birth mother who seems to give him up because, you guessed it, her son has a destiny. Peter’s being re-framed as another Chosen One now, which is actually becoming more than a little tiresome at this point.

On the other hand, the scene in the trailer below where Peter find a letter from his mom that says she’ll find him in this world or another opens up some compelling reasons why Peter becomes Neverland’s hero and travels between there and our world, forever looking for his mom. Maybe that later becomes “any mom” when he encounters Wendy, John and Michael, unless they’re going to back stop a connection to Peter and the Darling children in Pan’s backstory. Also, Jackman looks pretty awesome as Blackbeard, and director Joe Wright clearly has all his production design and special effects boxes checked by the looks of it. Still, is the world ready for the Peter Pan prequel it never knew it needed? Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself.

Pan is in theaters everywhere June 26, 2015

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