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Talk about a Guillermo del Toro overload?! (click to read our article on the Pacific Rim sequel here). Looks like the executives over at Warner Bros. are in for a treat at the weekend. While most people will be kicking back in front of the TV with a cold beer, or a glass of vino after a long hard slog at work, or perhaps heading out en masse to catch a certain trailer? (Star Wars: The Force Awakens anyone?), execs at Warner have their weekends sorted. Guillermo del Toro has confirmed he has finished his script for the tentatively planned movie adaptation of Justice League Dark and  handed it over to Warner for a planned weekend read.

Forbes resident DC guru Mark Hughes reported the news of del Toro’s admission, and had a few things to say about the project:

“Well, thing just took a big leap forward. Today, the completed screenplay for Dark Universe officially went to weekend reads at Warner Bros. The studio’s reactions to the script will be coming back in a few days, and the film could take another step toward production if Warner has a favorable opinion of what they see on the page. The director confirmed the script’s completion and status while I chatted with him about his FX horror series The Strain…”

Guillermo also confirmed that the script features myriad characters from the Dark Universe, including Swamp Thing, The Demon, John Constantine, Deadman and The Spectre among others. Now the fate of the project now lies in their hands. The mere fact that it is in the hands of executives is encouraging enough!

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Another revelation is that del Toro isn’t keen on tying his movie in with the planned DC Cinematic Universe and wants to take a fresh approach with the movie, which is usually how del Toro rolls with his projects. With Neil Gaiman recently explaining that his adaptation of Sandman – another DC Comic film in development – will be under a different Vertigo banner of movies, maybe Justice League Dark could fall under that.

If executives end up loving the script and want to fast-track the movie into production, the main problem would be del Toro himself. Having just wrapped up filming on Crimson Peak and moving on to post-production, he is moving straight into production on the Pacific Rim sequel afterwards, so we would be looking at the end of 2017 before he would be able to take on directing duties for Justice League Dark. However, let’s not put the cart before the horse and wait and see if there are going to be plans to more the project further forward.

Do you thing del Toro is the right man for the job? Let us know your thoughts.

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