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The epic fourth season of Game of Thrones bowed out with the highest ratings of any season finale hitherto. Filming for the 5th season has been ongoing since the start of the summer, and things have been pretty quite marketing wise for the upcoming season on HBO.

Stuff we do know: Since the character of Bran has now caught up with his storyline in George R.R. Martin‘s book series, he won’t be retuning in season 5, as that would mean he would be progressing further than the books and thusly, too far ahead of the other characters (…and it would also spoil what George R.R. Martin is currently scribing . However, Bran’s friend the mystical Three-eyed Raven has been put at the forefront of a new marketing campaign for the upcoming season, being the centre of a new promotional website that’s popped up.

The mystical bird can be found at and it seeks to give Game of Thrones fans a preternatural ability to have a glimpse at some of the things to come. The Raven then delivers them via Twitter or SMS, so it’s basically just another way to get more people following the Games of Thrones Twitter account. The site is pretty basic at the moment – ultimately consisting of ten pages which all try to get hold of phone numbers to send out texts or to lead people over the to Game of Thrones twitter account to attract more followers (…which kind of creates a weird social media ouroboros).  No doubt there will be more things added to the site before the series lands next year. We have also  been treated the very first teaser for season 5 which you can watch below:

The teaser is pretty brief (it’s a 5 second “blink-and-you’ll-miss” effort…), but that was to be expected, and at least it gives us some sort of indication that HBO are now ready to start promoting the next season. Thusly, we can expect more teasers like the one above and hopefully see an actual trailer sometime soon.

The official website can still be located over at the HBO website and it’s probably a good idea to keep a close eye on that now. We will also keep you updated on all things Game of Thrones related, …because we’re nice that way (…and it’s also our duty).

Anyone think they are going to miss Bran and his band of cohorts in season 5?

Game of Thrones will return to HBO in 2015.

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