(It’s a real holiday, look it up.) So gather around the internets poorly guarded exhaust port because Jeremy and Jason are back with another podcast to help usher you into the holiday season. Yes, a solid 60 minutes of nerd news pop-culture type talkin’ things (spoiler, real honest to goodness Star Wars news this week!) So listen, won’t you?

This week on the show:

–STAR WARS NEWS! The teaser trailer will see limited release in theaters (and at the same time everywhere ’cause it’ll be up on iTunes but they announced that after we recorded the show. Thank J.J., way to make us look like asses.)

–STAR WARS RUMORS! Start your Episode VII death pools now.

–Wonder no more about who will direct Wonder Woman.

–More DC Movie news and the rallying cry to save NBC’s Constantine starts with us (and Matt Ryan)

–Christian Bale apparently emails Ben Affleck, Val Kilmer is thinking about signing up for AOL, and Jared Leto reminds us of that one movie he was in that we liked.

OMG GTAV POV IS NC-17 DUE 2 B’Jibbers.

–And… do you really need a list of what they talk about? You can just listen you know. There’s even tips on how to make this the most memorable Thanksgiving ever, more #TacoTalk with a heavy dose of Doritos and (if there is time) next weeks winning lotto numbers.

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RadioBastard, enjoy our giblets.


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