Another day, another petition to save a TV show (…Constantine, a show that was finally starting to come into its own, might we add). It seems that nowadays, its always going to be a bit of a gamble putting the time and emotional investment into a freshman show on cable television. As; unless the ratings are surging through the roof, then there is always something of a worry in the back of the minds of advocates and fans of a particular show. It can become a rather complicated affair with some lower rated show hitting the right demographic; some shows can be “on-the-bubble”, and there are some which debut with high ratings – take a nose dive – then can’t seem to pick’um back up again. Cable will tend to give shows more of a chance , where as Network TV is pretty ruthless when it comes to axing both freshman, and even longer established shows. The question here is, …was Constantine really suited to Network TV – and in particular NBC – as Constantine is a foul-mouthed, disillusioned,British cynic pursuing a life of sorcery and danger. Maybe that’s where it all went wrong for Constantine, maybe it just wasn’t possible to portray all the complexities of the character whilst having to tone things down for network TV.

Since NBC announced last week that they were halting production on Constantine after the initial 13 Episodic run (essentially not picking up the back 9 episodes, which is always an bad omen regarding the future prospects of a show), it was inevitable that someone would put together a Save Constantine petition. Thusly, the petition is trying to get over 100,000 signatures from fans of Constantine. This petition malarky has worked for many a show (Community, Jericho, Farscape – The Peacekeeper Wars and Firefly – Feature length Theatrical release), however, just because a petition gets over 100,000 signatures – does not mean it’s guaranteed to find its way back into production. Luckily, with the advent – and ever growing popularity – of paid services such as Netfix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, there is now various different platforms which can facilitate bringing a show back from the dead.

Although people suspect the worst, the stars of the show were part of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is one of the ways that NBC tends to hype it’s television shows. It’s definitely an unprecedented move on their part, however, there may still be plans for a second season despite looking at the odds at the moment.

Danile Cerone – executive producer – took to his twitter account to stress that as long as the ratings follow an upwards trajectory, the show would get a second season. No doubt, this is why NBC failed to pick up the back 9 episodes as they are waiting to find out how the ratings pan out. Cerone has started a #SaveConstantine hashtag and has managed to rope William Shatner into helping out as Shatner had once languished in the terrible Friday night slot (…actually termed the ‘death slot’, or the ‘graveyard slot’) with Star Trek: The Original Series airing at 10:00pm but NBC hung in there.

William Shatner

On a positive note, ratings for the DC adaptation have continued to grow since the announcement of the 13 Episode halt creating a bit of the ‘Barbara Streisand effect‘, as last week seen a massive jump in the ratings. Therefore, if the rating steadily continue to grow – or at least remain consistent – then the shows fate will be looking a little more promising. Nobody wants to see a watchable show getting cancelled after half a season, especially one like Constantine that is just starting to get its groove on. So, for now, it looks grim, but it could be worse. In the words of the great Woody Allen:

“…the glass is half full, …half full of poison”

Catch Constantine on Friday nights at 10pm on NBC and do your bit to save the show (if you want to that is). Also, don’t for get to sign the petition by clicking here.

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