Bill & Ted Land a New Comic Book Series

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The rise of Bill & Ted 3 has been rumored to be on the horizon. We’ve heard from Alex Winter, we’ve heard from Keanu Reeves and what we’ve heard is that they’re both very intent on reprising the roles they made famous back in the late 80s. But as that production lumbers on, scripts and budgets being tweaked to make the possibility into a reality, someone else looks to be jumping on the return of Bill & Ted bandwagon. For according to Ian Brill of Boom! Studios, we’ll be getting another Bill & Ted comic book in the near future.

In a series of tweets, Bill prattled on about using original talent to create new stories for old titles. He then ended with a picture and the statement “That’s all a build up for me to tease THIS”, followed by the revealing picture:

bill & ted tease

This isn’t the first time the franchise has been portrayed through the use of the comic book medium, of course. Back in 1991 there was a 12-issue run of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Comic Book courtesy of Marvel. But the old one was building off the momentum of the movies. This new Bill & Ted may be in place to create some momentum for the third flick.

Of course, that’s assuming the third film ever makes it to production. Writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon (the creators of the first two Bill & Ted flicks) have been working on it, but apparently the first draft they submitted came with an estimated price tag of $150 million. That might be a bit too much for a 25-yeard-old franchise about a pair of air brained rock stars, even if Keanu Reeves is box office gold. So they’ve been reworking it and trying to the studio to sign off.

bill and ted comic

But whether or not we see Bill & Ted 3, we’re still getting the new comic book. So fans of the franchise will have something to digest, even if the pictures all stand still instead of dancing across the screen with that cinema voodoo all the kids are talking about these days.


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