So what did you do this past Friday? Maybe you relaxed, maybe you got up early to do some shopping, or maybe you had to go to  work in order to service those shoppers. But then again, maybe you woke up super early and kept refreshing the iTunes page until the teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was posted. Of course, the first image of that teaser, which I’m sure you know having watched it no less than two dozen times by now, is of Stromtrooper John Boyega looking like he forgot his blaster back on the Star Destroyer. But wait a minute, there ain’t no black Stormtroopers?! Yes, some people have apparently made that observation and lost their proverbial $#!% about it. Well, Boyega has an answer for that too.

The following was posted to Boyega’s Instagram page:

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First of all, perfect response Mr. Boyega. Second of all, who gives a damn. The discussion about the validity of having a black Stormtrooper is a rabbit hole of fandom I have neither the time nor the interest to chase people down, especially when all the information we have is based on about three seconds of footage. And what is behind this criticism? Are haters saying that black people can’t be Stormtroopers? That they don’t have the skill with a laser gun or the requisite gooning ability to be a provocative foot soldier for the Empire? Or maybe they’re reading too much into it, maybe they don’t like the juxtaposition of a black man wearing white armor to march with a bunch of other guys in white armor.

Whatever the reason, and I say this as a fan, I find the mining for scraps from the teaser trailer just a little bit over the top. There’s still over a year until we see this movie in theaters, and all we’ve seen is 88 seconds of footage, yet there’s been a cottage industry of articles about all the things that teaser does or does not tell us, all the things it reveals and gives us insight into by the 10s, 12s, 15s, and even 20s. That’s weird because there’s maybe not even 11 shots in the entire trailer.

As for the question of black Stormtroopers, Boyega is right on: Get used to it. And if the idea is so offensive to you, then there’s a very easy remedy to prevent you from ever having to deal with the horror of an ethnic Stormtrooper ever again: Don’t watch the movie. Considering that the Star Wars franchise is repeatedly slammed for its (lack of) representation of minorities, we must revel in the progress of Boyega being the lead of the film, and not get all in an uproar because he’s a Stormtrooper. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize, shall we?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 2015.

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