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Questions have been left unanswered for almost a year now in regards to the Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon and his sexual orientation. This has been due to actor Norman Reedus remaining evasive and facetious about his characters sexuality whenever the topic comes up in interviews. Now, Robert Kirkman –creator of the comics and procuder of AMC‘ adaptation –has set the record straight on about the sexual orientation of Dixon. 

Here is what he had to say on the speculative uncertainties:

“We play Daryl Dixon as being somewhat asexual on the show. He’s a very introverted character and I think that’s some of his appeal,” Kirkman said. “I do have to clear something up, though: in the letter column of the comic book that I do, I mentioned that there was a possibility early on about making Daryl Dixon’s character gay. It caused quite a hubbub online and I just wanted to clarify that the possibility is there and that I would have been fine with it, the network would have been fine with it, but we ultimately didn’t do that. I can make it official: Daryl Dixon is straight.”

Kirkman also offered some insight into what the viewers can expect in the second half of the 5th season, saying that they will be debuting:

“a very prominent gay character from the comics”.

So it seems that we have inherited more speculation from Kirkman’s confirmation; with keyboard warriors now debating what character is going to show up from the comics. However, prominent figures have tapered it down to two characters in particular – Paul “Jesus” Monroe and Aaron, with the latter seemingly the most unlikely according to avid readers of the comics, who have stipulated that it would far too early to introduce the character of Paul “Jesus” Monroe.

Many fans were split between the relationship Daryl had built with Carol and Beth throughout the last two seasons, but now, (SPOILER WARNING) with the death of Beth in the midseason finale – it looks like fans of Carol and Daryl’s story arc will be quite content with this revelation.

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