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Thanks to the Force finally awakening after 30-some years, we have a new movie to salivate over until December 2015. Before the next trailer, no doubt we’ll have fans dissecting every frame of the teaser until there’s nothing left but only the wildest theories. That’s no problem because it shows nothing but love for the franchise and the ‘Star Wars’ universe. Battling against the faces of hate (see Boyega news), we’ve got some beautiful hugs and kisses in the form of artwork from talented fans. Just like the stormtrooper face above teases, there’s more for you to enjoy after the jump. May the Force be with you. Always.

First off Kode Logic gives us what he calls the Anti-Christ saber – “Because i was too hype for the #starwars The Force Awakens teaser, I thought id make a teaser poster, everyone hating on the saber I love the anti Christ saber I don’t care what the haters say i like the Anti Christ Saber.”

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Next up is the revamped stormtrooper helmet over a blue background. “I love the new Stormtrooper helmets. This is probably not accurate, but from what we’ve seen so far, it looks almost there.” Thank you, Jamie Roberts, for this piece!

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Here’s Phil Noto’s work starring the two newest additions to the series – John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. Noto noted, “Before I leave the stars and head back to the world of espionage here’s a quick color version of today’s sketch” via Twitter.

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And below is my personal favorite by Legion Of Potatoes – “The trailer, guys. Holy fucking shit. I had to.” I love the lines and how the colors just pop. Ships flying and the Sithy-type from the trailer getting the spotlight with that “Anti-Christ” saber.

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What do you guys think? I’ve got a link to a few more for S’s and G’s here.

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