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Whether you’re a fan of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy or not, the box office can’t be denied. Those movies were immensely popular, especially the stellar second outing. We’re talking about one of those rare ‘Empire Strikes Back,’ ‘Godfather Part II’ instances where the sequel is better than the first. Also, Nolan’s more realistic depiction of Batman probably made mainstream moviegoers more open to the character, and comic book movies in general. This makes Nolan’s mark an important one, even if you are ready for a more comic-booky Caped Crusader in future films. However, if you’re more like Christopher Priest, author of ‘The Prestige,’ and “victim” of the director adapting your work, that’s something else entirely.

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Christopher Priest talked with the French entertainment site Skript. When the conversation veered toward Nolan’s movie version of his bestseller, he verbally disparaged the filmmaker’s Batman flicks with guns blazing. He used the phrases “boring and pretentious,” “shallow and badly written,” as well as “embarrassing.” At first mention of Nolan, the writer’s opinion of the man is questionable at best.

“I’ve only ever had one meeting with him, when the film was finished. Because I wasn’t very interested in him. We all have different points of view on the world. To the world he’s this great, innovative filmmaker; to me, he was a kid who wanted to get into Hollywood.”

In the video below, Priest utterly slams Nolan’s Dark Knight, wondering what he was thinking in trying to make Batman realistic. “He’s a bodybuilder who jumps off buildings!” His strong reservations mirror those of many fans who prefer their Bats battling it out with a Bane who juices himself into a monstrosity instead of a pissed off terrorist with breathing trouble.

“What he’s trying to be is some kind of modern [Stanley] Kubrick. And I think he’d be better off being a modern [Alfred] Hitchcock, basically. A maker of well-made films like Memento and The Prestige. And these blockbusters are just embarrassing, I think. I haven’t seen the new one yet.” 

Check the video for more insults. I loved ‘Batman Begins’ because it appropriately grounded the character in how one could realistically approach becoming a sociopathic vigilante hero. With his parents’ death, Bruce Wayne’s basically one murdered butler away from becoming The Joker himself. Its sequel, ‘The Dark Knight,’ ranks up there with the best comic book hero movies ever made. ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ took a villain that’s too large for Nolan’s movie and should’ve gone a more far-fetched route or chosen a more street-level evildoer.

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