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AMC – the network that airs The Walking Dead – issued an apology to fans of the series due to a major miscalculation on their part. The apology was issued due to a spoiler being released shortly after the mid-season finale aired on the East Coast. This kind of thing seems to be happening more frequently nowadays, with news/spoilers spreading like wildfires straight after they have aired on the East Coast. Thusly, all it takes is one person to post the spoiler on their social network feed – create a chain reaction – and ruin it for everyone else. What can one do? Avoid social media altogether? Avoid the internet? It’s difficult to prevent spoilers nowadays, but when it has came about due to a very bad judgement call from the Network that airs the show – that just takes the biscuit.

Fan wise, everybody knew that something was going down in the mid-season finale; down, as in six feet under. Comic book creator and producer of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman had already stated that the mid-season finale was going to be deadly. The question on peoples’ minds wasn’t “is someone going to die,” but more along the lines of “who is going to die”. Thusly West Coasters were in for a surprise when they viewed the image that was released by AMC.


AMC posted a photo of Daryl holding Beth‘s dead body on their official Walking Dead Facebook page straight after it had aired on the East Coast. But here’s the kicker; AMC captioned the photo with “RIP Beth.” It was a pretty unforgiving move on their part and understandably, fans were left outraged, especially as the spoiler was posted on the official facebook page. However, if you were waiting on your favorite show to air – knowing that it was going to be a biggie, …as all finales usually are – would you really be hanging around on the official shows facebook page before it aired? This is when an element of diplomacy comes into play. Abstain from the internet peeps! (…merely joking, …this isn’t a guide on how to avoid spoilers)

Anyways, here is the official apology issued by AMC:

We heard your feedback to last night’s post, and we’re sorry. With zero negative intent, we jumped the gun and put up a spoiler. Please know we’re going to work to ensure that, in the future, possible spoilers by official AMC social feeds are killed before they can infect, certainly before the West Coast (U.S.) broadcast of The Walking Dead. As always, thank you for watching, and keep the comments coming. We appreciate all of your support. #RIPSpoiler

Just to add, spoilers were rife before the internet became an everyday necessity in life. It was well know that back when The Usual Suspects was released, individuals took it upon themselves to deface promotional posters for the film by taking a black marker pen; drawing an arrow pointing towards Kevin Spacey, and adding the caption “He done it.” How is that for classy?!


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