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Marketing for the big releases next year are well under way, and now Paramount have decided to test the water this coming Thursday with the release of the Terminator: Genisys trailer. With the controversy surrounding the images that were released by EW recently, and the story details that have emerged lately, fans are already bracing themselves for more mediocre affair following the release of the terrible McG directed disaster, Terminator Salvation. There has obviously been an effort from director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) – or at least we hope so – to make a decent film, and we have the original T-800Arnold Schwartzenegger – back on board and not some crappy gimmicky CGI version of him. If you can ignore the PG13 rating (which is not going to do the movie any favors, …just like Terminator Salvation), there is still slight chance that the movie can succeed in one way or another, even if that means just managing to be slightly better than the last installment. However, Paramount have a tough one on there hands, as this is going to be a hard sell. Guess we need to wait and see how the trailer looks in two days time.

For the older fans, it’s time to reminisce with some familiar imagery and a well know little piece of music, and for the younger fans – here is a cool live promo poster that Paramount released earlier today:

First Terminator Genisys poster

Well, the “Living One Sheet” (…that’s what they’re calling it), has all the remnants of the first two movies, …you know; the good ones! We have the familiar music and the T-800 skull – which has became such a cultural icon that should be recognisable by almost everyone… However, the interesting aspect of the poster is the way in which the skull disintegrates in an hourglass manner. This could be depicting that time has passed since the fall of Skynet, or it could be symbolic of the passing of time throughout the film. Maybe it has a connection with the ageing Terminators we are going to see in the film i.e. Schwartzenegger’s T-800 (like we have already seen in some of the leaked images).

Fans of the old, and of the new in the Terminator saga, what do you think of the poster? Are you feeling more positive about the film? …or is everything still a bit meh?

Terminator Genisys stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator from the first three films, Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, Jason Clarke as John Connor and Matt Smith, Byung-Hun Lee and JK Simmons in unknown roles. Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) directed the film which opens on July 2, 2015

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