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There are millions of rumors flying around about what we can expect from 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But because we here at NerdBastards know that our loyal audience can never get enough of the rumors, we’ve dredged up one more. According to BadassDigest, the newest Zack Snyder flick will be bringing in a few more villains to challenge the team of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Scroll on to find out who might be making an appearance.

First up is KGBeast, aka Anatoli Knyazev. He’s supposedly working for Lex Luthor as his henchman, though whether we’re going to see him in his full, “beastly glory” or not remains to be seen. Personally, I think the best thing they could do would be to throw him at Batman so we can get a nice action scene.


Second up is Doomsday. There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the appearance of this vicious anti-Superman villain, but BadassDigest claims that they’ve officially confirmed that he will be in the new flick. This is the obvious choice of villains for Superman, at least in the physical sense, and if the plot rumors are true, then it’s not a giant leap to believe that Luthor dug him up to use as a weapon against his flying foe.


And the third rumored villain making an “appearance” in Batman v Superman is… The Joker. Before you get all crazy, know that the rumor also states that The Joker won’t actually be showing up on-screen. What’s being suggested is that his name will be dropped at some point during the movie. If WB/DC is trying to flesh out their universe quickly, then something like this helps push it along. We’ve already heard the mostly-official-confirmation of Jared Leto being cast as the latest incarnation of The Joker in Suicide Squad, so it’s no big leap to connect him to Batman and maybe even give some fanboys a reason to pee themselves while watching.


Fans may think that Snyder is just pushing the limits with all these characters in one film. Given that most of them haven’t been introduced in other films, it might feel a bit like a cluster-fuck of faces. But there’s another possibility that maybe people haven’t thought about – What if all the superfluous characters only show up during the post-credits scene? Justice League is on the way, so why not give us a tease of everyone in-costume and show us what the line-up of that film is going to be? Just because people have been cast and their names appear on the list doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be shooting more than a single, 20-second scene. And if that’s the case, then worrying about there being too many people in Batman v Superman is pointless.

Anyways, believe the rumor or don’t. We’re not going to see the movie for another year-and-a-half, so I suggest everyone get content with knowing pretty much nothing, rumors or otherwise.


Source: Badass Digest

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