New Man on ‘The Crow’ Renews Reboot Hopes


As I’m sure you’ve heard, Hollywood is creative bankrupt. So in creative bankruptcy news, progress is being made once again on the remake of The Crow, the 1994 Alex Proyas‘ movie based on the James O’Barr graphic novel. The Crow news of the day is that the film has a new director. It’s fourth. Now some would take that as a sign that maybe all this time and energy being put into an already successful film adaptation is being wasted, but not Hollywood. Nope, they will press on with this thing until it’s exhausted all possible avenues and filmmakers. Next batter up is Corin Hardy, but is he the bright young auteur to finally bring The Crow back to the big screen two decades later?

Never heard of Corin Hardy? That’s okay, because Edgar Wright has. The Shaun of the Dead director was the one who recommended him to producer Edward R. Pressman, who oversaw the original film in ’94 as well as its reboot. Hardy hasn’t had a smash hit yet, but he made the critically-acclaimed thriller The Hollow, the short animated film Butterfly and has directed music videos for Ed Sheeran, Keane, and The Prodigy. If Wright is pushing this guy then he must be good, or at the very least be an intriguing option for fans already dubious that something different and/or cool could be done with The Crow.

On the other hand, Hardy is the fourth man attached to the film. Blade director Stephen Norrington was the first up to the plate, followed by 28 Weeks Later filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, and, most recently, Before the Fall‘s Francisco Javier Gutiérrez. Even longer than the list of presumptive directors of The Crow was the list of potential Eric Dravens. A number of actors have been rumored or confirmed to play the titular rocker who becomes a supernatural avenger after he and his finance are killed in a home invasion on Devil’s Night. You will surely recall that Brandon Lee, son of the late martial arts superstar Bruce Lee, was killed on set while filming the original. Luke Evans was the last to be case as Draven in May 2013, and there’s no word yet on whether or not he’s still involved.

So with that its time for the usual disclaimer about remakes of very well respected movies. If they can come up with a new angle that feels original and/or fresh, then more power to them, but if they start changing stuff for the point of changing it like they did in, for example,  RoboCop, then thanks but no thanks. Leave The Crow alone.

The Crow might be in theaters at some point. Probably. Or you can go to your Blu-ray shelf or Netflix account to watch the good one that already exists right now.

Source: Deadline

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