It’s been a couple of week since we last heard from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, but now they’re back and gearing up for the mid-season break. So what can they do to make us want to continue to watch? Last time around, we watched as SHIELD moved closer and closer to understanding and finding the mysterious alien city. Skye’s daddy was running around getting into all sorts of trouble. And Grant had murdered his own brother, a U.S. Senator. The big question is – will Agents of SHIELD go out with a bang or a whimper?

Enter Skye – she’s having some really crazy dreams where she’s wandering around the halls of what appears to be some sort of hospital. May and Coulson are there and they appear to be abandoning babies. A mysterious music box prompts Skye to get upset and then, as all things must, the dream ends and we return to the real world.


So what’s going on in the real world? Well, Fitz and Simmons are still dealing with tension. Coulson is ready to run to the city they discovered so he can further understand what’s going on. He learns that HYDRA is likely going to use the obelisk they possess to blast the world, so Coulson’s idea is that they reach the mysterious temple before their enemies and then blow it to bits.

When they finally make it back to the city, there are a few things going on all at once. Coulson and crew are delving into the Earth looking for clues. Raina has been brought into SHIELD custody, but HYDRA isn’t at all happy with her being gone, so they’re ready to blast the crap out of SHIELD in order to get her back, And Coulson is doing his very best to keep Skye from meeting her deranged father.

As the episode progresses, we learn that Fitz and Simmons are having a meltdown of personalities. We also watch as Coulson discovers that Raina can touch the obelisk without dying and that it is entirely likely that Skye can too. And, perhaps most importantly, we learn through Raina exactly which aliens built the mysterious city under the ground- finally say the K word.

One of the better points of this episode was the Mockingbird and Fitz interaction. We finally get a peak inside the heads of the other players in this drama, which makes them more human and us more likely to tune in because we want to know what happens between these real characters. As far as this episode goes, both characters moved along fine. It was also nice to see Bobbi Morse fleshed out a bit so that she doesn’t quite feel like a cardboard cut-out anymore.


Other memorable moments like Koenig’s umbrella cloak or Skye’s extended fight with Agent 33 offer acceptable substitute for whatever cards the showrunners hold back until next week.

The negative points consist of mostly minor things. The action scenes were overly elaborate in an effort to produce watching action. The dues ex machina saves are a staple for every series at this point, but it was particularly annoying during the one scene in this episode where it was important. And nobody has been burnt up in a cataclysmic event.

Next week, “What They Become” promises a bit more information regarding the secrets of the alien city and how the show may develop during the second half of season 2. Check it out below:

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