In what’s been a very busy day for breaking nerd news, and we’ve got some more! Remember a little while ago when we discussed the various actresses who were “finalists” for the title role in Jessica Jones? (In case you don’t the link’s here.) Well that short list seems to have been twiddled down to one, and sources say that Krysten Ritter now stands apart as the obvious choice to play the superheroine turned private eye on Marvel’s upcoming second Netflix series. This isn’t all together sewn up yet, but if you wanted to put good money on the odds that Ritter will now be the face of Jessica Jones when the series comes out ready to be binged sometime in the next year, then by all means.

According to Deadline, the contest for Jessica Jones came down to Ritter and Teresa Palmer. The tiebreaker was something called a chemistry reading between the actresses and Mike Colter, the man rumored to be Marvel’s pick to play Luke Cage, Jessica’s paramour and soon-to-be the star of his own Marvel series. From that reading, Ritter suddenly squeaked ahead in a photo finish for the prize of playing the title role in the Melissa Rosenberg-scripted series.


If Ritter is now Jones, then Marvel is definitely going the Chris Pratt route for Jessica Jones, and given the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, who can blame them for hoping that lightening will strike twice by rolling the dice? Ritter, like Pratt, is primarily known for being more comedic than dramatic including the title role in Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, and a myriad of “best friend” roles in romantic comedies like She’s Out of My League. Jessica Jones will be a big test for her, as it will be a big test for Marvel Studios. Sure, Daredevil is the first Marvel show to debut on Netflix, but they’ve already done Daredevil once, and thus know where they went wrong. Hopefully.

In case you are unawares, Jessica Jones follows the adventures of a former superheroine who hangs up her proverbial cape and goes into business for herself as a private detective. Her work often intersects with the heroic doings of New York City’s super-powers, including her on-again/off-again relationship with the indestructible Luke Cage. Jones is part of a quartet of Marvel shows for Netflix including Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, all of which will culminate in a miniseries team-up called The Defenders. Jessica Jones will be the second Marvel series for Netflix to go into production.

As soon as the Ritter casting is confirmed, if it is confirmed, we’lll bring you that news. In the meantime, what do you Bastards think: Ritter as Jessica Jones, yea or nay?

Source: Deadline

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