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Some of Hollywood’s best have tried and failed to make a Wonder Woman movie. For some strange reason, producing a film about the world’s premiere female superhero has been tougher than making one about a guy with a flaming skull head, or the Norse God of Thunder, or a crew or space pirates that includes a walking tree and a talking raccoon. But progress is being made. Wonder Woman will appear as one of many characters to come to life in the upcoming Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and shortly there after, Gal Gadot will launch the Amazonian warrior in her own solo adventure. As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Michelle MacLaren will direct her, and now, reports are saying that Pan writer Jason Fuchs will write the script.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the unfortunately named Fuchs (whose may or may not be pronounced as you assume), is close to signing a deal to writer the Wonder Woman movie. Time is of the essence because the film will have about a year to get in shape before it has to go before the cameras if it is to make its Summer 2017 release date. It’s worth noting though that Batman V. Superman started shooting more than two years out from its March 2016 release date, so there may be even less time than that. Adding another layer of urgency is whether or not Fuchs, if signed, will be working from previous drafts, or will be doing a Page 1 rewrite of the screenplay.

But what will that screenplay contain? Excellent question. The rumor mill says that Wonder Woman will be a prequel tale set almost entirely on Paradise Island where there’s tension between the various Amazon tribes, tensions unhelped by the arrival of a man from the outside world, presumably Air Force pilot Steve Trevor. Apparently, the film will take place much further back in time than a couple of years, like the 1920s. If this all, indeed, true, then it would be another bold departure for DC Comics-based movies versus Marvel Studios, as Marvel has previously said that they don’t want to do prequels.

Of course, even if you’re somewhat optimistic about Batman V. Superman, there’s still not yet cause for celebration that we’re going to get a Wonder Woman movie anytime in the near future. Wonder Woman has been a somewhat permanent resident of Development Hell since the mid-1990s when Ivan Reitman was attached to produce and direct. Avengers director Joss Whedon spent two years trying to develop a screenplay, but left the project in 2007 citing creative differences and a general lack of enthusiasm from the studio. Many different names have come and gone while the project’s been developed, but with a Wonder Woman already set to appear in another film, Warner Bros. has a vested interest in finally making this a reality. So here’s hoping, and more than that, here’s hoping it’s good.

As for Fuchs himself, he’s a New York born and raised actor and writer with five screenplay credits to his name so far including the Peter Pan prequel and Ice Age: Continental Drift. The first trailer for Pan was released earlier this week, and while it certainly looks good, there’s really no indication as to whether or not it will bring anything new or engaging to the Peter Pan legend, or if it will just be another example of Hollywood’s creative drought.

Wonder Woman is currently scheduled to be in theaters everywhere on June 23, 2017.

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