Well folks, it appears Capcom have suffered a double whammy of school boy errors today, what – with the leak of their Street Fighter V trailer, and the major blow (or a baku hadoken in this case) that the game is going to be an exclusive to the PS4 and PCNeoGAF user Unlucky Kate reported that a YouTube clip – since been taken down by Capcom – revealed the new title and the exclusivity rights. However, it’s still unclear if the trailer appeared on Capcom‘s website or whether it was, in fact, a straight out leak.

The supposed leaked states below the title sequence that the game is an “exclusive” for the PS4 and PC. However, the surprising aspect is the oddity of the game failing to score an arcade release first, as most modern arcade games run on computer hardware – so the that’s why the PC inclusion makes sense. In the videogame world the term “exclusive” can be synonymous with “time exclusive,” basically meaning that the game could eventually wind up appearing on the Xbox One – similar to the Xbox One exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider, which eventually made its way onto other platforms.

The Xbox One doesn’t have a big enough market share in Japan, the PS4/PC rumour has been related to this aspect. As Capcom are simply not as big a beast as they once were, so it could indeed, be a cost and return issue.

The trailer has been taken down, but you can chase around for it as numerous Youtube users have; and will continue to, mirror the teaser.

For now, you can check out the gifs below which are impressive to say the least.







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