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You saw that awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser on Black Friday, right? Of course you did, hell, we ALL did.  I’ve watched it again three times in a row, just while writing this article.  Some watched and waited for J.J. Abrams’ slightest misstep so that they could immediately run to the nearest message board to tear his vision of a galaxy far, far away apart.  Others, such as myself, watched while looking for some clue that would indicate that Wars is in capable hands.  No matter which side of this fence you sit on, avoiding the trailer was almost unthinkable for fans of the franchise.  Well, most of us anyway.  Page Six caught up with the father of Wars, George Lucas, and asked his opinion of the new footage.  Surprisingly (or not, depending on your opinion of Lucas), it turns out that George hasn’t even seen the new trailer yet.  Even more surprising?  He has no intention of watching it.

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Page Six recently had the chance to ask George Lucas’ opinion of the 88-second teaser trailer.  After all, with 72 million views in one week, it seems that one of those views had to be by the man who started it all.  Lucas’ response?

“I don’t know anything about it. I haven’t seen it yet”

Oh, but Mr. Lucas, WHY???

“Because it’s not in the movie theater. I like going to the movies and watching the whole thing there. I plan to see it when it’s released.”

Ok, I can absolutely agree that seeing a movie without any sort of preconceived notions before sitting down is definitely a great way to gain true perspective on the film.  In a time where we have trailers, teaser trailers, teaser trailers FOR the teaser trailers, tv spots, etc., many of the best scenes of any movie have already been viewed to the point of annoyance months before the movie even hits theaters.  Still, this isn’t just ANY movie – it’s fucking STAR WARS, and Lucas is the father of the series.  Basically, it would be like raising a kid until the kid met the person they were going to marry, then saying “I don’t want to see my kid again until my grandkids are old enough to entertain me”. Sure, it happens and you really can’t judge others but, damn, it just seems so cold blooded!

For many, this bit of news is not only unsurprising but it’s actually expected.  After all, Lucas did step away from the franchise more than two years ago when Disney acquired the rights to the series.  While he may have remained available to Abrams as a creative consultant, many people feel that  Lucas truly stopped caring about the property a long time ago, perhaps even before the almost universally hated prequels.  If Lucas cared about the franchise or its fans, perhaps Episodes I-III may have been worthy of the name “Star Wars”.  Unfortunately, we know how they turned out.

Ep 7

The safe bet is that the reason Lucas hasn’t watched the trailer yet is plain and simple disinterest.  When Page Six asked if Lucas was curious to see what Abrams has done so far, his reply, while short, spoke volumes:

“Not really.”

Whether Lucas is playing coy or if he honestly just doesn’t care is anyone’s guess.  The truly upsetting thing about this is that Abrams or not, Lucas is missing out on joining the millions of fans that made his story a global phenomenon by enjoying the 88 seconds that The Force Awakens trailer has given us. He is missing out on witnessing why so many fans are excited to see what may be the best Star Wars movie since Empire Strikes Back, if Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) is to be believed.  Whether it’s due to disinterest, lack of time, or just plain sour grapes, we will never know but here is the trailer for you to experience again. And again. And again.

For those of you that really just can’t get over that new lightsaber, Stephen Colbert can help you out with that one.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18, 2015, and a full length trailer is rumored to be attached to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Perhaps George will give that one a shot (probably not).

What are you most excited for in the new Star Wars? Does it surprise you that George Lucas seems so disinterested?


Source: Page Six


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