For years now, Mark Hamill fans have been waiting to see him reprise a role that defined his career.  As we get even closer to that dream being realized, HitFix is reporting that fans will be able to see him reprise another popular role of Hamill’s – this one a rather zany comic book villain.  Now, “zany comic book villain” is definitely a bit vague, considering Hamill has played several comic book baddies over the years, all with a touch of zaniness.  Sorry, Bluntman and Chronic fans, we are not talking about Cocknocker here.  If HitFix is to be believed, Hamill will be reprising his role as The Trickster on an upcoming episode of CW’s The Flash.

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CW’s The Flash has been killing it ever since its premiere earlier this season.  Almost every episode has been gold and the series somehow managed to up its game with the recent The Flash vs. Arrow crossover event.  While the television series is pleasing fans of the comic book series while also attracting new fans to the DC Universe, Grant Gustin is not the first Flash to come to the small screen.  Back in 1990, CBS gave fans another version of The Flash with John Wesley Shipp (who plays Barry’s dad in the new series) in the lead role.  The series was fun, if a bit silly, and gave us some interesting versions of some well-known villains.  One of the most entertaining of these villains was James Jesse, aka The Trickster.  If you are too young to remember just how entertaining Hamill’s Trickster was, here’s a brief demonstration of the B-movie awesomeness.

So far, the new Flash series is doing what it can to keep things on the lighter side without necessarily delving into the ridiculous, so chances are that Hamill’s take on the character will be worlds different than the 90’s incarnation.  In fact, HitFix has this to say about the role:

Mark Hamill returns in a brand new interpretation of James Jesse (aka The Trickster), a role he originated on the 90’s ‘Flash’ series.  In this new iteration, The Trickster is an anarchist terrorist  con man serving a life sentence in Iron Heights who helps Barry (Grant Gustin) and Det. West (Jesse L. Martin) to foil the city-wide attacks of a wannabe Trickster eagerly following in the original’s deadly footsteps.  The episode will reunite him with John Wesley Shipp who went up against him as the original ‘Flash’ on the CBS version.

For his part, The Flash EP, Andrew Kreisberg seems to be pretty excited to have Hamill on board:

“Having Mark reprise his role as The Trickster was on our original wish list when we were planning our version of The Flash. Christmas and Chanukah came early for us this year when he said yes! We are beyond humbled and excited to have him joining us for another round of deadly trickery!”

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It just makes me chuckle that Hamill would take a role in a DC series, considering how important he will be to Disney, who owns Marvel, in the near future.  Then again, if it’s ok with the Mouse House and the House of Ideas, it’s alright with me!

Fans will get a chance to lay their eyes on the new Trickster in 2015, when The Flash airs its 17th episode.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited to see another alum from the 90’s series?


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