If you haven’t seen mid-season finale of The Walking Dead and somehow missed it when AMC’s Walking Dead Facebook page spoiled the big character death of the episode before it even aired on the West Coast, then I apologize for spoiling it for you now. Seriously though, how the hell did you avoid it? You’d have to be cave diving or living on an Amish farm for the last week to have avoided finding out. A lot of fans aren’t happy with what happened and one took to Change.Org to start a petition to change everything and bring back Beth. No, that is not a joke and it has over 29,000 supporters. Here’s the petition:


You’ve got to imagine that Emily Kinney was wearing that mischievous Beth grin we saw her smile when she helped Noah escape the hospital the first time someone showed her this petition.


We all know that AMC and The Walking Dead show runners are not going to cave in to this petition. It is a nice show for support for the character, but there’s no way the powers that be will open that can of worms. We all joke that there are characters that: If they die we riot. While Beth wasn’t one of those characters that many would riot over, there seems to be enough to at least cause a ruckus.

Kinney’s character had a good run, and it was a shocking, although pretty much expected death.I don’t think Beth’s death was a device used to further Daryl’s storyline. Her death will affect him certainly, but it will affect all the characters and not just Daryl.

The suddenness of her death was what struck me the hardest. At least Bob got to say goodbye to everyone. Beth didn’t even get to say hello before her life was ended right in front of her friends. From the scenes we saw in the preview for the return episode in February, the group will struggle with coming to grips with Beth’s death.


I do find myself looking forward to seeing how Maggie, played by Lauren Cohan, handles those scenes and dealing with her sister’s death. Beth was the last Greene family member. Maggie saw her Walker mother shot by Shane, lost her brother at the farm to a Walker during the big barn fire, her father’s head cut off by the Governor, and now this. She looked totally destroyed at the end when Daryl carried Beth out.


What do you think? Is there a chance that AMC could be swayed to bring back a character? Seriously, how do you bring back a character from this:


If they did decide to bring her back, how would you do it?

Carol wakes up from her accident and Beth steps out of the hospital shower?

We hear Tyreese discussing his plan to trade the officers in the back ground and Rick looks up and says no, we kill them all because he “saw” Beth’s death in his head when he considered Tyreese’s plan to do some trade?

Those aliens we heard Kirkman joking about actually show up and bring Beth back. They had kidnapped her in season two and replaced her with an alien shape-shifter…

You see how crazy these things can get?


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