The Sony revelations due to the hack scandal just keep giving, with this latest piece of information will be sure to interest geeks, the world over.  In has been quite a fun week – in a strictly anti-corporate voyeuristic sense – watching more and more details being released from the Sony Pictures hack scandal, with information seeping out into the big bad interwebs (or caught on Spidey’s webs), which, quite frankly, has no bounds. From angry and discontented staff waxing lyrical about the lack of quality content the company have been churning out (Adam Sandler movies, Happy Madison, Mall Cop: Paul Blart 2 etc…),  it’s interesting to get into the mindset of the geniuses over at Sony (…they had Passwords in a folder called ‘Password’) to find out where the company’s heads are at in regards to one of their biggest franchises (in fact, sole franchise…) Spider-Man after the disappointing run of the second installment of the reboot at the start of the summer.

As it turns out, information and emails have been leaked revealing that Marvel Studios were trying to get Spider-man to appear in Captain America: Civil War. It’s not surprising on Marvel’s part that they wanted Spidey for the Civil War Chapter as he plays a big part in the comic book story-arc, initially siding with Iron Man, only to have a change of heart, and in turn, choosing to join forces with Captain America’s anti-registration rebellion (…and let’s not forget his big reveal before doing so, unmasking himself to reveal his identity on television before changing sides!). Fans have been wondering how the Spider-Man story arc is going to be covered in Captain America: Civil War, since he is an integral part to the story. People hoped and prayed that Marvel could take control of the rights once again to include Peter Parker in The Avengers series at some point in the future. Well, …Marvel gave it a shot, …and failed, but you have to admire the fact that they reached out to Sony to try and negotiate some sort of deal.

The hacks also reveal that Doug Belgrad – Sony Pictures president, pitched a new Spider-Man trilogy in which, Marvel would produce, and Sony would distribute; a compromise that could have saved the franchise from its painful mediocrity (the Andrew Garfield reboot has been anything but amazing). The plan ultimately fell through, in part, due to the Box Office performance of the terrible Amazing Spider-Man 2.


So the question remains, what are Sony’s plans for the future of Spider-Man? Well Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Lego Movie), are helming a new comedic Spider-Man cartoon, so, eh…yay! I guess that’s pretty cool?! However, apart from the new cartoon, everything is on hold until after the festive period when Sony Executives will have a summit to discuss the future of their struggling – and only – franchise.

Hopefully at the Spidey summit Sony consider plans to renegotiate with Marvel to try and include him in Avengers: Infinity Wars (hey, …we all have dreams). But the reality is that we are most likely going to see another soft reboot, which really does seem like an exercise in futility as the box office disappointments – in my humble opinion – have been largely down to Spider-Man fatigue, and giving the character another reboot would just be downright insane – but it is Sony’s “only” franchise and they don’t have any plans on giving up the rights anytime soon.

As far as the leaks are concerned, Marvel come out of this looking like saints trying to do what is best for the fans; trying their best to incorporate Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio once again, come out of this with their forward-thinking, fan-friendly integrity intact (although, let’s not be naive here, it’s a cut-throat business, and everyone is out there trying to make a buck). In contrast, Sony – who’s reputation couldn’t possibly sink any lower at this point in time – have a franchise that they don’t know what to do with! Problems ahead it seems…

However, if the planets were to align, and Spidey did end up joining the Avengers , I certainly hope it wouldn’t be some kind of crossover, and they just created a new Peter Parker altogether – therefore; recasting the character.

What do you think peeps? You disappointed that a the two studios couldn’t come to an agreement to have Spidey make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War? Let us know.

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