Is J-Law Ready to Believe You in ‘Ghostbusters 3?’


Obviously, if you’re in the market to produce a remake/reboot/restructuring of a huge and influential mega-franchise, then you could do worse than courting one of Hollywood’s favorite young actresses. Jennifer Lawrence already has two franchises under her belt, and when she’s not doing that she’s courting Academy Awards by co-starring in new films by David O. Russell. On the other hand though, The Hunger Games franchise is winding down with next year’s release of Mockingjay – Part 2, so Lawrence will need something else to occupy her time. Like a proton pack. Is it so outrageous to think Lawrence, Tinseltown’s latest in a long line of girls next door, might be up for some ghost busting in the often discussed new Ghostbusters film by Paul Feig? The answer may surprise you.

It’s yes. Yes she is. This is no mere flier though. MTV UK, like many outlets, are doing an impromptu poll of every young actress in the business to see if a) they’d be interested in appearing in Feig’s proposed all-lady Ghostbusters, and b) if they’ve been approached about the project. The answer to both questions? “I actually met with the director,” Lawrence said. “I had dinner with him. … I will never cross streams.”

Well, she’s got the lingo down. Lawrence never says specifically if dinner with Feig was meant to talk Ghostbusters, or some other project, or even if it was just a social occasion, but the entire episode caught her Hunger Games co-stars by surprise. Also, that seems like kind of big slip. So either J-Law isn’t up for a part as a Ghostbuster (anymore), or she had another one of those moments she charmingly tripped herself up. Again.

Of course if Lawrence were to become a Ghostbuster it would certainly be a coup, and it would be another big leap in legitimacy for a movie that’s struggled for 25 years to come to fruition. Lawrence can do drama, comedy and action with equal decrees of exceptional capability, plus she has experience working in ensembles and with special effects. The assumption has been that Feig might look at a team of female comedy all-stars like Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, but recruiting someone of Lawrence’s caliber would definitely get tongues wagging about the film’s potential.

One more thing, if Feig is now talking to actresses about appearing in Ghostbusters 3 (for lack of a better term), then this thing must be further along than we thought. Dare we hope to want to think that we might see an actual Ghostbusters film in a theater near us sometime in the next couple of years? After over a decade of non-starts and rumors, will we finally one day walk into our local multiplex and find a poster with a jaunty ghost holding up three fingers inviting us in? Too soon to tall.

In the mean time, enjoy this video:

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