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Love it or hate it, the writers and concept artists for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens flick are branching out and pushing beyond the classic lightsaber design that we have grown to know and love. The latest crack at it consisted of the broadsword-saber that we’ve all seen by now in the Force Awakens teaser trailer. And another brand new lightsaber design will be making the rounds via the Star Wars Rebels cartoon. Scroll on to see what the creative heads at Disney have come up with this time around.

This pic comes via Jedi News, one member of which managed to take the snapshot from the latest issue of Star Wars Insider (issue #154). Check it out and see what you think.

ezra lightsaber design

So it’s a combo lightsaber and stun blaster. Not a bad idea, if you can make the tech work properly. I guess with all that extra crap hanging off the side it makes sense it would be a multi-purpose weapon. Personally, I like the basic design of the hilt whether it fires stun blasts or not. It kinda resembles an actual traditional saber. Plus that knuckle-guard would be pretty handy if someone tries to disarm you via a fancy fencing maneuver.

Btw, if you like Ezra’s saber design, you can totally buy a toy of it. It comes complete with shoot-your-eye-out stun pellets and looks like this:

ezra saber 1

ezra saber 2

What do the Nerd Readers think of all these new lightsaber designs? Whether they’re practical or not, it only seems natural that unguided Jedi youth would start experimenting with the design concepts of their lightsabers and come up with this stuff. And there are plenty of other classic weapon designs they could choose from as well, so I’m guessing we can expect dozens more of these things as Disney attempts to spice up the visuals for the new trilogy and the animated projects they’re working on.


Source: Jedi News

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