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More news straight from the recently robbed Sony vault people; and we have a mix of revelations to dish out (once piece in particular leaving Sony Entertainment Chairman Amy Pascal, looking rather “two-faced,”). With emails bouncing back and forth like a swing band full of ritalin and sugar-pop, have been able to extract some more voyeuristically joyful imformation that we are relishing – in a schadenfreudian sense, of course – due to the torrent of bad movies they have assaulted our senses with in the past decade. It’s nothing personal (…oh, wait… maybe it is?!), as, if you are a fan of the Spiderman comics like myself, perhaps, you too, will be rubbing your hand together before reading this tangled web of a mess, feeling nothing but unadulterated gleefulness’.

The emails that have leaked are between the Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Anthony and Joe Russo, and the Sony Entertainment Chairman Amy Pascal which took place last month. The Russo Bros sent an email to Pascal which began with, “A pity that negotiations  with Marvel did not work,” referring to the deal that Marvel proposed to Sony that could have brought Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe by giving him a cameo in Captain America: Civil War (Spider-Man plays big part in the Civil War comic book chapter).

Furthermore the brothers then revealed to Pascal that they would be directing Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity Wars Parts 1 and 2, but that this won’t prevent them from helming Sony’s The Grey Man beforehand. But that’s not all, as it seems like the Russo Bros really want a (sling) shot at producing – with a possibly of even directing – a Spider-Man film over at Sony. This was confirmed when Joe Russo emailed Pascal offering to produce future Spider-Man movies with the Russo Bros new production company, Bullitt.

Here’s the kicker though; how exactly would that go down with current producers (who are doing a grand job might I add), Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad? Joe acknowledges that there would have to be some difficult conversations with current producers Tolmach and Arad (slight understatement, but I guess at the end of the day it’s Pascals call), further stating that they would be “conversation[s] worth having.”. As Sony’s computer system has since been shutdown (the shut it down a week ago since the hack scandal), nobody knows – including – whether Pascal got back to Joe or not, therefore there is a possibility that Pascal has returned an email back to Joe. Suppose we won’t know the outcome of that until after the Spider-Man summit Sony Executives are holding at the beginning of the new year to try and figure out what to do with the character.


I guess we have saved the best until last. As was reported in our Spider-Man article about Pascal asking Sam Raimi to return as producer/director (which can be read here), it turns out that Pascal actually begged Sam Raimi to help her out with Spidey. However, she had other things to say about Raimi behind his back (…goddam Holywood for you eh?). She reportedly sent an email to another Sony Executive stating that she didn’t want Raimi’s help because he went “Joel Schumacher on the third.” Ouch… that has gotta hurt! particularly as it was Sony’s fault that the third movie ended up the way it did. That type of comparison is a total insult to Sam Raimi (he should bear this in mind the next time Sony ask him in for a favour).

The tip of the iceberg is a separate email from producer Avi Arad begging (this could quite well be hyperbole) Pascal to give him the green light for a Venom movie as the toys and video games based on the character are hot property. So there you have it folks! Sometimes a movie just has to get fast tracked and green lit due to merchandise selling well. I wonder if Arad was even that bothered about the quality of the finished product if his fundamental reason for wanting to go ahead with the movie was money based. Sad times… sad times indeed.

Just a little bit extra for good measure. Another email had Motion Picture Group President Jeff Robinov warning Pascal not to make a deal with Marvel, as he thinks Stan Lee can still create more characters in the Spider-Man Universe for Sony. You simply could not make this stuff up! You can check the information for yourself by clicking here.

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