Steven Colbert Interviews Smaug The Stupendous


Steven Colbert can get just about anyone he wants on his show The Colbert Report, even Republicans that know Colbert will skewer them with his rapier like wit. Now Colbert has landed the biggest interview of his life, or at least the biggest interviewee, Smaug The Stupendous, The Unassessably Wealthy, that worm that makes Dwarves squirm. This might be the video of the day unless J.J. Abrams drops another Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser.Let’s get right to the video:

I find myself wondering if Colbert will be doing this type of thing on the Late Show with Steven Colbert? I certainly wouldn’t imagine we’d ever see this on David Letterman, unless it was Stupid Dragon Tricks night.

What stood out to you in this video, was it Smaug poking fun at the Game of Thrones dragons, or dissing Benedict Cumberbatch‘s acting skills on Sherlock?

Via: The Colbert Report

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