Martin Freeman hosted Saturday Night Live last night and really hit it out of the park with this Lord of the Rings skit, The Office: Middle Earth. If you’ve watched the BBC version of The Office with Ricky Gervais, or even if you’ve only watched the American version with Steven Carell, you’ll immediately notice the incredible attention to detail. This just might be the best skit of the entire SNL season! I’ll let you watch the video before I mention all the little details that make this skit so fracking good.

Oh the Feels that skit brings back. It was the little details that made this skit stand out. Gollum as Gareth (Dwight) and The One Ring in Jello. I almost choked when I saw that.


Martin Freeman recaptured perfectly the sound, facial expressions, and mannerisms of Tim (Jim). The pauses, smirks, everything was there.


Bobby Moynihan was incredible in this one. His Gandalf/David Brent (Michael Scott) merging was flawless. He even nailed the David dance, it was uncanny. Again he had smallest David nuance down pat.


The writers really deserve a round of applause. I know that a lot of this was simply lifted right from the series and that is what makes it perfect. They knew just what bits to pull out and twist with a LOTR flair.


The Orc penis joke… another classic awkward David Brent moment. Which was your favorite, or perhaps you think the whole thing was crap? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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