Remember, when the Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm, they didn’t just acquire the potential bank of all future Star Wars project, but also the potential future of one Indiana Jones. Although the focus has been on Star Wars, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from grinding out nuggets about Indy, everything from the suggestion that Harrison Ford only came back to Star Wars for Indy to the idea that a reboot is already in the works. Rumors aside, Disney’s been very busy getting its Star Wars empire in order, which suggests that they’ve maybe been too busy to give Indiana Jones it’s fair shake, and when you take into account all aspects of the Disney empire, from Marvel to Pixar, we’re talking about an embarrassment of riches. Now, on the record, a Disney exec notes where Indiana Jones is in the list of priorities.

Variety senior editor Marc Graser had a talk with Disney CEO Robert Iger, and tweeted a line he got from the Mouse House boss about the potential future of everyone’s favorite globetrotting archeologist-adventurer.

So perhaps this time next year we’ll start hearing about plans for Indiana Jones, as Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally hits theaters and presumably the other Star Wars films in development will start moving into various phases of production.

There have been no shortage of Indiana Jones 5 rumors this year including the suggestion that the film was already in development under Steven Spielberg, the possibility that Frank Darabont had been brought in again to craft the story for the film, and the rumor that Bradley Cooper or Robert Pattinson were at the front of the line to take over the titular role. Nothing’s been confirmed, and nothing’s been validated beyond one-off hints and leaks, but Iger’s comments seem to suggest that any talk about Indy 5 right now has been just that, talk.

Fans might surely be torn about they want. Sure, there are a lot of fond memories about the first three Indiana Jones movies, but Kingdom of the Crystal Skull seems to be an unending source of fan boy bitching and rage. Is it a worthy enterprise to have another go at in the wake of so much vocal disappointment? Considering that KOTCS did nearly $800 million in business at the worldwide box office, it’s doubtful that Disney’s not going to pursue a new Indiana Jones movie. The question is what direction the movie will take, will it feature the nearly 73-year-old Ford in an adventure as Old Indy, or will it reboot it with a new younger Indy, James Bond style?

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