Even before the dust settled around the departure of Roberto Orci from the Star Trek 3 director’s chair, folks were speculating who might take his place. Some fans even started a petition to get Jonathan Frakes name added to the list. Earlier today Deadline had the Star Trek 3 directors short list at five names, now with the response from one, the list is down to four.Let’s get right down to it. The Star Trek 3 Directors Short List was reported by Deadline as:

Rupert Wyatt Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Morten TyldumThe Imitation Game

Daniel EspinosaSafe House

Justin Lin Fast & Furious

Duncan JonesMoon

Duncan Jones quickly tweeted out this denial:

Very flattering being on short list for Star Trek, but won’t be doing it. Absolutely MUST make my own thing next, or I’ll die of old age!

That tweet kinda bummed me out, Jones would have been my personal choice. Moon was fantastic and I would have loved to see Jones bring his intellectual Scifi perspectives to the Star Trek franchise.

While most believe that Paramount will still shoot for the 50th anniversary release date sometime in 2016, unless they make a choice and get things rolling, fans might just not have a feature-length movie to go see while the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Celebrations are going on. Which would be a tremendous faux pas by Paramount.

Orci did write a screenplay for the sequel, but word is that Paramount didn’t like it at all, prompting the departure. If the real problem was the script that means that Paramount not only needs a new director, but a screenplay and script for said director to shoot. There are likely story notes and ideas from the first two films that might make a third, or at least point whoever is brought in to write a new script direction.

Early word had Orci saying that Star Trek 3 would be set in deep space and not revolve back to Earth yet again. There are tons of material from the original and other Star Trek series that would be a slam dunk for fans. Mirror Mirror would be my personal choice. Let the actors have some fun playing their evil twins.


Which director left on the list would you choose and what story would you like him to tell?

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