This time on PODCAST, HUMOR Jeremy and guest host (that is totally not Jason) Neil B. Deep (see? Not Jason,) gather around the glowing internet fire to discuss all manner of things that pertain to fitness, finance, and faith. Also reports indicate that Marvel and Sony discussed a Spider-Man double-team and Deadpool is happening (I know you already knew that… just go with it). Also there are other things!

Here are the other things!

–There is a petition to save a recently deadened character from The Walking Dead and Jason has one to resurrect his Jefferson D’Arcy Married with Children spin-off idea from 1999, as well. Guess which one of these two we talk about.

–Did you know that Grumpy Cat reportedly brought in $100 million last year WITHOUT the revenue boost that can come from a sex tape? Now you do!

–Leo DiCaprio left a bar with 20 women the other night. Is he the world’s greatest designated driver or is he STILL f***ing? YOU DECIDE!

–Al Pacino is talking to Marvel, which means Jason is going to subject you to an Al Pacino impression. Enjoy.

–Incoming Mr. Fantastic Miles Teller isn’t ready to badmouth his movie yet. Give it time, boy-o. Give it time.

–Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange, but Dan Aykroyd is STILL Doctor Detroit.

–The DC TV universe continues to grow with chia-esque profficiency.

–Roberto Orci has vacated the Star Trek director’s chair, opening the job up for Edgar Wright. But is Mr. Cornetto ready to Trek the Shit Out Of Those Stars?

–Was the Transformers movie one of the 10 best movies that you saw this year? When did you escape the mine?

–Arnie said he’d be back, and so it has come to be. Terminator: Atari 2600 has a trailer and we have a reaction.

All that and #TACOTALK with snake throwing, wing church, drones at TGI Fridays, porn at the golden Manara butts, and Doritos get all up in a pizza down under in a crust for your pleasure… on RadioBastard.

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