If you haven’t watched the mid-season finale of Arrow yet, consider this your spoiler warning. Really though, if you haven’t watched it, and are reading this after reading the title of this post, then you probably deserve to get spoiled. We’re not going to do that though. Those of you who ARE up to date can click-through and check out some tantalizing information about the show’s future.

OK, all bets are off, if you’re here then you’re gonna get spoiled. The mid-season finale for season three of Arrow really took the action and story to the next level. Oliver Queen, tricked and forced by Merlin to face Ra’s al Ghul in ritual combat to save his sister’s life.

The big question threading through season three was who killed Sarah, the Black Canary. Turns out that Malcolm Merlin used a drug on Thea while training her and brought her to Sterling City to kill Sarah. This would create a blood debt to the League of Assassins that could only be paid in Blood. Thea’s blood. Malcolm threatens Oliver with Thea’s death at the hands of Ra’s al Ghul to force him to fight. If Oliver wins then all Blood Debts are canceled.


Long story short, Oliver failed. Ra’s al Ghul cut him up pretty much at will and pushed him off a cliff. Here’s the promo clip that aired after the episode ended.

Let’s jump forward to Stephen Amell‘s Facebook posts shortly after the episode aired. He first tried to calm excited fans:

Facebook. Thank you so much for the enthusiasm spilling out of tonight’s fall finale. I’ve never had anywhere near this amount of feedback. Despite the title, our show is bigger than any one character. We’re going to prove that to you. Sit tight… January will be here in no time.

Amell is very active on Social Media and followed that post up with some fan art a couple of days later:

This post led many fans to jump to the conclusion that Oliver Queen will find, (land in) a Lazarus Pit. DC Comics describes the Pits as:

A Lazarus Pit is a natural phenomenon that possesses restorative properties that instantly heals injuries and even granting immortality.

Let’s go back to that clip that shows Oliver at the cliff base after the fight. Ra’s al Ghul is an expert fighter. He knows how and where to cut a man with his sword. Either to kill or inflict the most pain. I believe that Ra’s al Ghul is playing his own games. My theory is that Ra’s al Ghul knows what Merlin did and is acting to counter those moves by sparring Oliver. Let’s face it, if Ra’s al Ghul wanted Oliver dead, he could have just cut his head off. Instead he inflicted wounds that would kill, but not immediately.  Just look at the stab wound in the picture above. To me it looks like it misses a lot of vital organs…

Ra’s al Ghul worked the fight to set up where he pushes Oliver off the cliff side. That is not the same cliff side Oliver climbed to reach the League’s sacred place and with that mist rising could be from a warm pool of Lazarus Pit water. It would make sense that such a sacred place might have a Lazarus Pit close.

I imagine the first few episodes will give Roy Harper a chance to shine as Arsenal, while we only see Oliver in flashbacks until he reappears to take on Merlin.

What do you think?

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