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While you may not be able to own a proper Back to the Future DeLorean that can make trips backwards and forwards through time, any owners of this rare and expensive car can do the next best thing. One customizing shop is offering the chance to have your DeLorean given the full treatment and turned into a kick-ass replica of Doc Brown’s ride. Wanna know more about the Pimp Your DeLorean deal? Then read on for all the info.

The folks that are offer this deal run Bob’s Prop Shop. Unfortunately, you can’t just drive your car down there and have them go to work. What they sell is a prop kit that you can use to turn your DeLorean into the Back to the Future model. And the price tag is only a modest $29,999. Of course, if you’ve managed to afford a DeLorean at all, 30K probably isn’t out of your reach.

Curious about what exactly goes into converting a car into the Doc Brown-mobile? Here’s a description of what you’ll be getting with your $30,000:

The Exterior features the aluminum rear vents with all the hoses and parts that should be there. The side pontoons are decorated with all the capacitors, grids, pipes and things similar to our photos. The flux bands that surround the car are mounted on rubber brackets and thick wire bundles are added along the sides of the car and mounted to the “flux boxes” which are mounted to the fenders, roof and rear. The rear window is removed and replaces with a sealed aluminum rear bulkhead.

The rear will feature the infamous “Mr. Fusion”, (Plutonium Chamber available for an extra fee). The interior will feature all the famous electronics seen in our photos and videos including the Flux Capacitor, Plutonium Gauges, Spectrum Analyzer, Time Drive Switch, Digital Speedometer and much more. Thick wire bundles are added along with many other high voltage parts on the dash, etc. *Fog Machine is optional as is extra battery/charging system.

And here’s a video showing how it all comes together:

But that’s not all!

Bob’s Propshop also provides a buy/rent service for those that would rather get their car pre-made or just take one of their favorite vehicles out for a spin. You can pick up replicas of the Doc Brown-mobile, the Ghostbusters ride, the A-Team van, KITT from Knight Rider and others. Head over to their site and see what they have to offer.


Source: blastr (via Bob’s Prop Shop)

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