Neil Gaimans‘s The Sandman is still in the early stages of development, however, that isn’t stopping David S. Goyer (*shudder*), Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gaiman from going full steam ahead with casting ideas in regards to the possible actors who could potentially play the lead role of the titular character – otherwise known as Morpheus. Recently, word on the street (…well, the word on the interwebs) was that Goyer and Levitt had been working on a script for the movie adaptation and Warner Bros. liked the draft they handed in. Also, following the news of the script, everyone involved sounded a little more upbeat about the project after a long period of worrying silence . Thusly, Gaiman, Goyer, and Levitt‘s enthusiasm is a real bonus to getting the project pushed along further; and maybe even fast tracked after the new year.

As it currently stands, The Sandman is still in the early stages of development, but the fact that Gaiman has started to think about possible actors who could pull off the role of Morpheus is, quite frankly, a very good sign. In an interview with, here is what Gaiman had to say regarding potential candidates (some have since been ruled out now):

“It’s a funny thing with Morpheus. Again, it’s that thing where you look around and think, ‘Yes this person would be a fantastic person’, and then time passes,” Gaiman tells “There was a time Johnny Depp would’ve been a great Morpheus, but now he’s too old and it’s fine. I think the first time I saw Benedict [Cumberbatch] was as Sherlock Holmes, I thought, ‘wow, that’s incredibly Morpheus’. And fans probably thought the same because they immediately started doing fan-art, meshing the two of them up.”

Now that Cumberbatch has now signed on for the role of Marvel Studios Doctor Strange, it seems that Gaiman has another actor in mind: the Marvel Studios verteran Tom Hiddleston (a.k.a. Loki):

“Then again, Tom Hiddleston is still out there! And the truth is, as far as I’m concerned, anybody who sounds English with great cheekbones can probably pull it off.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Up until now, it has been thought that Gordon-Levitt would be handling directing duties and starring in the film as he has been working with Goyer in the DC studios on the developmental stages for quite a while now. So, it’s interesting that Gaiman – who is creatively involved as a producer –  has started looking into potential actors for the role of Morpheus. However, it has been said that Goyer, Gordon-Levitt and Gaiman all have a great working relationship together as the main priority for the three of them is to see The Sandman through until the end. Gordon-Levitt has proved himself as a great director, and also shown that he can direct a project as well as star in it too (check out Don Jon), but perhaps – as the material is pretty challenging – Gordon-Levitt wants to focus solely on directorial duties, hence the reason they are looking for a potential actor to play the role of Morpheus.

Is Loki a good choice for the role of Morpheus? Who better than Gaiman to endorse an actor as capable of taking the reins of the titular character right? Let us know your thoughts troops.

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