Stan Lee Says Nobody Cares About Him


In the latest “Stan’s Rants” the man the myth the legend himself had a new topic to talk about. Himself. Which if you’re not actually watching these little nuggets of adorable angry and thoughtful moments from Mr Stan Lee, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Go onto YouTube this second and subscribe to that. Seriously. But since you’re still here I’ll continue for all the people at work who can’t watch the video this second, or those of you in class or something here’s the rundown.

“I’m glad people are interested in the characters I’ve written over the years. I’m glad people care about Spider-Man, and Iron Man, and the Xmen, and the Hulk, and Doctor Strange and all the others. But THIS BURNS ME UP *he says in that adorable mad voice he uses* I’ll meet somebody.. “Well how are ya? I’m Stan, yeah I’m Joe that’s fine. ”

Hey Stan tell me about Spider-Man, or Hey Stan! How come in the latest Iron Man story you did or Stan! How come this happened? No one ever says to me tell me about yourself. All they want to know is my characters. How about me? What makes me happy? Did I have a good day? Did I have a bad day? What are my hopes, my dreams, my aspirations. Nobody cares!”

He goes on with this for another minute or two. Which hurts and strangles your heart strings a little. I mean this man made us who we are today! Well maybe not all of us, and maybe not every bit of our lives. But goodness! He made a big part of most of the things we all talk about on a daily basis! Maybe we all should give him more lovin? Some more fanfics of Stan Lee in cameos. What was he doing before selling hot dogs in X-Men? Maybe we should push our children to do school projects on him as one of the great writers of our time? We should all make more Stan Lee cosplays too!!!

Maybe we all should show more gratitude to this guy. And to quote him on how to deal with him in the future “Settle back, and straighten up and do eighth when you meet Stan next time” alright kids?

Stan’s Rants is just one of the shows featured on Lee’s Official YouTube Channel, World of Heroes.

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