Over the last few months, Spider-Woman has been the center of much controversy. Comic books and feminism collided when a questionably lewd depiction of Spider-Woman’s butt cheeks were propped front and center on a variant cover of “Spider-Women # 1”. Now, we’re not dredging that story up again, but for the sake of information as it applies to today’s story, here’s the gist of it…

Spider-Women’s curiously thin spandex covered rump and suggestive body positioning was subject to much internet discord; with party lines saying it was a disgrace to women while leaving others to say “you’re making a problem where there isn’t one”. You’d think with all the heat, Marvel would have pulled the issue. They didn’t. Instead, they got cute and simply covered the dimpled derrière by placing the comic books logo affront it. Eh, cheap way of skirting the issue whilst still capitalizing on what was an obvious demand for the infamous book cover.

So, now, Marvel’s Spider-Woman comic continues to carry on. Maybe it’s related to all the recent drama, or maybe it isn’t, but Marvel Comics has revealed a new costume for Spider-Woman 


The suit, designed by Marvel artist Kris Anka  which will debut today in Gameloft’s latest update of the Spider-Verse mobile video game for iOS, Android, and Windows.  It will then make its way into Jessica Drew’s comic escapades with March 2015’s “Spider-Woman #5.” As the image depicts, the new costume will say goodbye to the spandex that’s been identifiable with the superhero since the 1970’s. The redesign will favor a more functional, street-wise look with goggles (because goggles are cool), leather leggings, and a leather jacket.

“As much as I’m a fan of spandex and it has its time and place, I felt Jess as a character could move away from that for a good long while,” Spider-Woman editor Nick Lowe told USA Today who broke the news.


Spider-Woman’s street-savvy appearance will complement the series’ new direction in March, when the Spider-Woman welcomes in new artist Javier Rodriguez and positions itself out of the multiverse-hopping Spider-Verse crossover. In the series shift, Jessica Drew will direct her attention to more street-level mysteries and crimes, with Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich joining as a regular cast-member.

If not partly a response to the feminist uprising over issue one’s alternate cover, I also liken this change having to do with DC’s new direction with Batgirl. Young and hip is in!

Call me an old fashioned codger with a stick up his butt, but I like the old suit better, just saying. It was classic and it was sexy; in a way that complimented a fuller female form which typically isn’t depicted by many comic book heroines. I’m not saying the new suit is bad, it’s pretty nifty, practical and can be cosplayed without causing pervy nerdy dudes to drool over. However, with this new suit will there come a new direction with the character? I have the distinct feeling that we’ve saluted Spider-Woman goodbye and are ushering in some sort of new Spider-Teen.

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