Coming off the back of a cumulative worldwide total of just over a billion dollars, fuelled by the predictable ‘ending-that-screams-out-sequel’ fare, we were all expecting the announcement of a sequel to the critically panned, Transformers: Age of Extinction. It came as no surprise Paramount fast-tracked the follow-up to the Box Office behemoth, adding in a tentative 2016 release date for good measure. The business model is sound: you keep lapping up the goods; we’ll keep producing the material –  in other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, a few questions still remain… and one of the big ‘uns is whether Michael Bay is returning to direct the follow-up.

Wahlberg recently revealed in an interview with MTV that he will be returning to star; having only joined the franchise in last years Age of Extinction. He also announced that he is committed to “a couple more” films in the franchise. You can read more about what Wahlberg has to say about his stint in the Transformers franchise below.

Here is the clip in which he confirms his return to the reboot/reimagining (…errr …yeah, …I’m not quite sure what category the last movie – or the anticipated follow-up – falls under):

Here is the quote from Wahlberg incase you missed it, in which he states:

”Yeah, I committed to doing a couple more… you know I can’t speak for Mr. Bay, but something tells me we’ll be on the set soon.”

So there you have it folks, Wahlberg will be back for Transformers 5, announcing that he could be  on the set “soon.” Therefore, we have a main character who is bound by contract to appear in a couple more movies, so expect to be seeing a lot more of Wahlberg’s character –  unless the powers-that-be decide to write him out of the franchise, which would seem totally illogical at this point in time, considering the ending of Age of Extinction. But it would be fitting, what, with the haphazardly slap-dash lineage of the franchise thus far (as coherency doesn’t seem to be a priority). All we need now is confirmation that Michael Bay is going to be back at the director’s chair, and we can can sit back and let the magic unfold. Of course, we shouldn’t count our chickens just yet, as there has been no official confirmation from Mr Bay.

Bay has been rather cagey about committing himself to another Transformers movie. But this isn’t the first time he has released a statements toying with the idea that he might be finished with the  franchise. After the post-production stages of Age of Extinction, he stated that he was completely finished with the the Transformers, so, as of now  – who knows if he is returning or not. The most sensible option would be passing the franchise onto another director (and let’s be honest; the franchise really could be doing with a fresh pair of fresh eyes). However, with Bay having been several months removed from the fourth film, maybe he’s itching to come back and create more onscreen destruction (see photo below). Either way, with Paramount hoping for a 2016 release date, we will no doubt be hearing who will be helming the 5th Transformers movie relatively soon.


There is no doubt that the Transformers movies have been getting progressively worse. The first movie was actually pretty good, in a guilty-pleasure-popcorn-popping kind of way. I actually think one of the worst things to happen to the franchise was getting rid of Shia Labeouf (yes, he might be an ass sometimes, but his performance and camaraderie with the Transformers was pretty goddam neat). I’m now at the point where I’ve given up hope for the future of the franchise as Age of Extinction was quite close to being unwatchable. However, the general audience seemed to be happy with it (sitting at 5.8 on imdb, which isn’t bad for a critically panned movie) – and we must not forget, these are the people who matter, as they are the ones who hand over their hard earned cash to watch mind-numbing tent-poles such as Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Did you enjoy Transformers: Age of Extinction? Would you like to see Bay return alongside Wahlberg? …or do you think the franchise can be saved with a new director and fresh eyes?

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