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To say that Sony has been having a bit of a bad spell as of late would be a complete understatement. It seems like things are going from bad to worse for the company; with constant news hitting the headlines from the Sony Hacks debacle – with the studio eventually caving in to the hackers; admitting defeat by pulling Seth Rogan and James Franco‘s comedy The Interview from theatres nationwide. One interesting aspect of the hacks has been the ongoing leaks of ‘back-and-forth’ conversations/negotiations between Marvel and Sony that have been progressively hinting at some kind of eventual conclusion – and due to the relentlessness of Marvel director Kevin Feige – this has only made it all the more inevitable (he’s gained somewhat of a reputation as being a slightly formidable character). Thusly, it seems that the struggling company are willing to give up some of the proverbially fiscal Spider-Man pie, and it seems that Marvel is feeling rather sweet-toothed this time round: and we are saying to  executives, dig in and enjoy the party.

After many years of messing up the character (…I’m referring to The Amazing Spiderman Reboot here, 1 & 2), it seems that Sony has got into the Xmas spirit and they have are finally willing to coalesce and offer us one hell of an Xmas present.

According to more leaked documents from the infamous “Sony Hack dilemma,” here are the details on the latest terms and conditions taken from MoviePilot (sourced from ComicBookMovie):

“If Spider-Man appears in Captain America Civil War, Sony will produce 25% of that film. This also means that Marvel will produce 25% of the next solo Spider-Man which is said to be released in July of 2017. This deal will also allow Sony to use only two of Marvel’s roster in their films and continue the plot from Civil War to make the universe connect well. It appears that Spidey will join the rest of our beloved pals in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1in 2018, then another solo Spidey film in 2019.

Sony will still have some creative control over certain aspects, such as the suit, the actor (who must have at least a three movie deal), other castings, and the script (Only with parts involving Spidey). Avi Arad, Kevin Feige, and Matt Tolmach are said to produce anything involving Spidey and Drew Goddard has been chosen to be a possible director for the first solo film.

If any Marvel film that involves Spidey is some way misses their release date, Sony will have to pay $100,000,000 and the deal will be kaput. Sony now has three years and nine moths to begin pre-production on Civil War or the FULL rights go back to Marvel.”

This deal would  then be released at a press event from both studios (we have no further details on this press event unfortunately, but will be sure to keep you updated!).

The great news – in my humble opinion – is that Andrew Garfield would not be returning to play Spider-Man, and despite fan petitions, there will be no way to prevent a recasting from happening as Marvel are dead set on casting an entirely different actor for the role of Peter Parker in his proposed crossover into the Marvel Cinematic Universe; basically they don’t want any baggage that would come with The Amazing Spider-man actor, as it would ultimately create far too much confusion amongst movie-goers.

However, this means another reboot (*Yawn*, *Yawn*, *Yawn*, oh, and did I mention *YAWN*). A third reboot sounds like a bad idea and could be detrimental to the character, as – presumably –  there are only so many reboots people can handle in such a confined space of time (there was controversy surrounding the short time between Sam Raimi‘s movies and the proposed Marc Webb reboots back in 2008). What they should just do is bring the character straight into Captain America: Civil War – with Marvel just cutting to the chase: throwing a couple of expositional moments in the script. It’s safe to say Marvel would rather go down this way, however, it’s a two-way-split (well… not exactly a two-way-split, as Sony are not in the best of positions to play hard-ball in the negotiation department due to their current situation). Lastly, there is the new casting element of the web-slinging, teenaged, crime-fighter, but given Marvel’s track record, I have total confidence that they will do well in this department, so it isn’t really a major concern.

What are you thinking about the supposed proposed deal between Marvel and Sony? Any Garfield fans feeling slightly disappointed that he (likely) won’t be returning in the role of the masked web-slinger? Let your voices be heard in the comment section below, or on our other social media platforms.

Via – MoviePilot & ComicBookMovie

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