Marvel may be out there releasing dates and information about their up and coming movies for the next 100 years, but DC and Warner Bros. have been mum about most of their newest summer blockbusters. So much so, that it looks like despite the big announcement about bringing her to the big screen, recently announced director Michelle Maclaren says Wonder Woman hasn’t even been  given an official green light yet.

Vulture, in their interview with MacLaren, the officially announced director of the stand alone Wonder Woman film, wasn’t able to get her to give all of us holding our breath, any real details. The Game of Thrones/Walking Dead/ director of all things awesome right now, said there isn’t an official release date, an actual script, or even an official okay or greenlight.

I really, ­really, really can’t talk about this. I just picture a drone coming in over the hills and crashing through the glass and flying over here and putting duct tape over my mouth, you know?

So what does this really mean? Well nothing just yet. These things take time and the way DC and Warner Bro’s seem to work,  is mostly in secret. It’s almost as if they wanted to make their own Wonder Woman movie before giving away too much and facing the Internet’s very public ire. We all remember how quickly everything went South  when details from recent debacle of a television show hit the Internet.

The good news is that Maclaren is known for her action packed television episodes like Guts from The Walking Dead Season 1 in which Rick and Glen cover themselves with zombie guts to escape.


There’s also her work on the Game of Thrones episode First of His Name, where Jon Snow and company take on the Night Watch turncoats in a bloody, gritty, take no quarter fight.


Another stand out GOT episode of Maclaren’s was The Bear and the Maiden Fair, which had Brienne of Tarth, the female knight of the realm face off against a maddened bear in a fight pit.


Let’s just hope they don’t back pedal. Us ladies, and the World NEEDS the Amazon Princess in our lives!! Is it right that the meme below should not only poke fun at the situation, but be accurate as well?


What do you think? Are you worried, or just excited in general?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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