Guardians of the Galaxy has been one of Marvel’s biggest success stories this year, but we live in a world basked in pessimism. Thusly, with everyone having access to the Internet, and myriad platforms for people to pine and criticize – anyone can be a critic these days. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the folks at Cinema Sins would eventually nit-pick at the intergalactic summer blockbuster  subjecting it to a heavy beating in the proverbial boxing ring. As per usual, Cinema Sins are just as ruthless and merciless with Guardians of the Galaxy as they are with all their other movie dissections. So, don’t dive in expecting any leniency on their part, as they pick the recent blockbuster apart.

Guardians of the Galaxy tallies up a whopping 113 “sins,” within the fifteen-minute video . However, it should be noted that most of the “so-called” flaws are merely minor nit-picks. We are subjected to a lot of the standard movie tropes, such as convenient timings, people showing up exactly when needed, overly-expositional dialogue (which is merely subjective to individual viewers). There are a few legitimate issues that have been pointed out, like the fact the Power Stone is left unguarded, and how Thanos is merely there for the expositional sake of being there (no doubt, to let his presence be known for the future sequels), and Peter Quill‘s Walkman is also subject to that “awkward-mix-of-logistics-in-a-fictional-movie-about-aliens argument,” with director James Gunn already addressing the Walkman issues by calling them stupid.

Star-Lord and Ronan are the two biggest targets in the video clip, with myriad issues directed towards our main protagonist concerning the vagueness of his half-alien genetics, which are somewhat elusively revealed toward the ending (…wouldn’t all movies be absolutely boring if every single minute detail had to be explained to the viewer, thus leaving us with nothing to ponder upon leaving the theater?). In regards to Ronan, most of the concerns evolve around him failing to unleash the full potential of the Power Stone when he gets hold of it. However, unleashing it’s full potential and killing our loveable gang of misfit heroes, would not only make the duration of the movie unfulfillingly short; but would also bereft us of a sequel (so it’s just as well Ronan didn’t unleash the Power Stone’s full potential).

Cinema Sins show that they aren’t completely ruthless and unapologetic, by taking off one sin for the fantastic scene involving Groot handing over the flower to the little girl, and later taking off another five sins for Groot’s smiling face after defeating Ronan’s minions.

Here is the Video clip for your viewing pleasure:

Despite the nit-picking sins explored in the video clip, it in no way ruins the sheer quality of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. However, if you are the anal type and want to sit and re-analyse the film – then the movie is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and for digital download.

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