The Princess Bride is an 80s classic in the same vein as The Goonies, Stand By Me and Flight of the Navigator – the kind of film  that can be watched time and time again, vicariously letting the nostalgia seep through. However, one thing that stands out with The Princess Bride is mere fact that repeat viewings are bound conjure up something new. Fan theories come, many justified, then nullified, and then they go, moving onto the next batch of theories in a perennial fashion. Which is why this particular fan theory stands out all the more, with a lovingly cryptic ending, blurring the lines of the outside world and the story that is read within the realm of the film itself.

The story was covered on io9 earlier by graphic novelist/comic book creator Larry Young. He described his son Walker’s theory after they had watched The Princess Bride as part of their annual holiday tradition. Walker’s theory claims that there is more than meets the eye at the end of Rob Reiner’s film. Check out Larry’s description of his son’s theory below:

Larry Young

So, it has taken thirty-years of memorizing lines, general fan obsession, and the defending and defaming of copious theories, only for a young child to figure out the biggest tease of them all? Well, that’s pretty damn awesome if you ask us! Moreover, if we are to presume the kids theory to be correct, and the grandfather is actually handing down the mask to his grandson, then if there ever was a sequel to The Princess Bride (excluding William S. Goldman’s long rumoured Buttercup’s Baby novel that he hasn’t been able to complete), it would no doubt involve the grandfather and grandson training for the ultimate battle to prove the grandson’s worth.

At the end of the day it’s a fan theory, but it’s one that is up there with Pixar’s “One Universe” theory, the Bane just wanted to help Batman theory and the biggie that Stan Lee Is The Watcher in the Marvel Universe. The theory certainly isn’t out of the question considering how the film blurs the lines between the outside world and the actual story. Thusly, the ending of the story is left far more open that was initially presumed (that’s if we are to go along with Walker’s theory of course!).

So there you have it, a kid essentially changing the way we look at The Princess Bride. That is the beauty of films that leave a sense of ambiguity for the viewers. Some people want every single minute detail explained to them, and sometimes movies are over-expositional to the point that it becomes insulting. Even if fan theories are debunked, there is still that air of possibility from the perspective of the creator of said theory, that they can hold on to and believe for themselves. Films like Blade Runner and the debate over whether Deckard is a replicant or not is a great example of films that create divisive theories among viewers, and personally I think this is a great thing when scriptwriters and directors get the balance right. Criticisms that films haven’t explained enough don’t hold up for me. Obviously there has got to be a coherent story and structure, but some things can be left to the imagination.

What do you think peeps? Has you mind been blown? Do you like having a bit of headroom to sit and digest movies with a little bit of personal input? Or would you rather things handed to you in an expositional plate?

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