If you’re in trouble, who are you gonna call? International Rescue Team that’s who! Unless you’ve got Ghost problems, that’s those other guys. ITV is reviving the 1960’s Supermarionette Puppetry driven Thunderbirds television show that most of your parents probably never heard of, but your favorite uncle has the complete VHS, and DVD collection that he made you watch every Christmas afternoon. A brand new teaser is up and making the Internet rounds.

This series will differ in some regards to the actual methods used to bring the Thunderbirds to life. While the original used Supermarionette Puppetry, This new series will use CGI characters and live model sets. The picture below shows how these two methods mix.


Here’s the teaser, in which the team receives a call for help.

That clip looks fantastic and with WETA involved in the special effects one would expect nothing less than their best, which is the best in the business. What I am interested in is seeing the CGI characters interact with the models and built sets. That will really determine if we can take this new series seriously.

I’m not really worried that we’ll get a lot of fan backlash. Most of the original die-hard fans from the 60’s are technologically the equivalent of Esurance’s Gracie, the lady who posts pictures to her wall.


So don’t be surprised if you’re asked for help from your family’s older Thunderbirds fan. Just click them over to the petition that will inevitably pop up from some disgruntled fans of Supermarionette Puppetry.

Personally, I’m hoping this new mix will work. The original series was something different from the rest of the pack. The show was more geared towards helping others than just grabbing a gun and fighting aliens or bad guys. The new voice cast includes:

Rasmus Hardiker – Scott and Alan Tracy

David Menkin – Virgil Tracy

Thomas Brodie-Sangster – Gordon and John Tracy

Kayvan Novak – Brains

Rosamund Pike – Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward

David Graham – Aloysius Parker

Sandra Dickinson – Grandma Tracy

Andres Williams – The Hood

Angel Coulby – Kayo

Adjoa Andoh – Colonel Casey

Here’s the original series opening:

Will you be tuning in or streaming in to check out the new series?

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