Tucked away in the Amy Pascal/Sony emails that were hacked and released to the Internet was one concerning who the Chief of Sony pictures believes should take over as James Bond when Daniel Craig‘s five movie contract ended, Idris Elba. It’s no secret that fans have been pushing for an Elba 007 for a while, even back before Craig’s casting was announced. Now that this is making the Internet rounds again, Elba took to the Twitterverse to put in his two cents.

Here’s his response:

So he pokes a little fun at himself, we all love that kind of humor, but it’s interesting that this rumor has surfaced in light of Daniel Craig’s comments about wanting out of the franchise back before Skyfall was released. He wouldn’t be the first Bond to walk away from the role before his contract finished. Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton both walked away, although Dalton ended up coming back to it.

Any of those that are floating the race card… yeah, I’m looking at your Rush, are way behind the times. Idris has already broken that barrier in his own career when he was cast as Heimdall in Thor. He’s been through that and handled that limited backlash well. (Yeah, I know. A fictional character’s race is changed… fictional… let that sink in.)

Elba would make a good 007. I’m from the camp that says that they are all James Bond and take on the name when they take on the 007 title. It only makes sense really. A highly dangerous job, what better way to protect any family members than to wipe them and change their names.

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