Just when you thought you had banished all thoughts of Tim Burton‘s 2001 Planet of the Apes reboot from your nerdy mind and gotten rid of that metallic after taste that lingered for weeks in your mouth after the first, and only time you saw the movie, this had to happen and dredge it all up again. Those anger management consoling sessions aren’t cheap dammit. The ever so talented Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Rob Roy, and regrettably Planet of the Apes) was recently asked to explain that ever so confusing Burton POTA ending.

Roth was doing press for his role in Selma, where he plays Alabama Governor George Wallace, he was asked if he knew exactly what General Thade did when he was hurtled back through time at the end of Burton’s Monkey movie.


I think it was he took over, he took control. [Laughs] I think the idea was when they shunted in time that way, he was the President of the Planet of the Apes. [Laughs] Brilliant, I thought. It’s crazy stuff. I liked it. I had a good time making it. It was in the old style. It wasn’t too much CG trickery.

OK, let’s leave out that he returned to a planet that didn’t have evolved apes that he could lead.. OH shite… they’ve gotten me again. It just isn’t worth it, the pain and anguish that a long time Planet of the Apes fan goes through when reliving that film. This is the ending if you somehow managed to blot it out of your mind and need a refresher.

Here’s the Honest trailer for Burton’s POTA to help settle your nerves and calm your raging nerd heart.

Thank the Lords of Kobal that Fox had the wherewithal to not make a sequel and then years later bring Rupert Wyatt on board to reboot the franchise into what we know and love today.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled day of Internet surfing and Funyuns munching… OH!!!

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