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He’s been a soldier, gone overboard, fought a Thing, had a stint as Elvis, was a big trouble in little China, took a trip through a Stargate, has been Goldie Hawn’s BAE before BAE was (whatever the hell BAE is) cool, and was one half of Tango and Cash. It’s a miracle, yeah, that’s one too, the amount of memorable roles Kurt Russell has had in his long and storied career. When you think about Kurt Russell, however, there is only one character for which he will truly be famous.

Nothing gnaws on the heel of 80’s action nostalgia quite like Bob -Yes, his first name was Bob- Snake Plissken; the fictional character from the films Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. Neither good or bad, he’s just an asshole who doesn’t give a f**k about your war… or your president.

And now he’s a 1/6h scale collectible figure from Sideshow Collectibles. Who, bless their breeches, were kind enough to send us a sample for review. We’re playing with Snake, and we’re going in. 

It takes more than an eye-patch to make an icon, something John Carpenter and eternal muse Kurt Russell understood all too well when creating Snake Plissken. But it sure does help. Same thought goes in creating a high-end collectible figurine.


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Starting with the packaging, because no collectible is a “collectible” unless its casing is a piece of pop art in and of itself. This box just is so rad, there’s barely anything on its front cover. Just a cobra and the “Escape from New York” title affront a satin black background with white speckling, because speckling is ever so coooool. The back of the shoe style box is adorned with a three-quarter portrait of Pliskin’s looking like he doesn’t give a f**k. Oh that Plissken!

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Sliding off the top sleeve of the box, reveals… wait… more art? It’s the same glorious ode to Snake as on the back of the box, but this is a full body shot. The brawny brute sittin’ a top of a throne of rubble, gun in hand, hasn’t got a care in the world. Oh Gawd, *shivers* this makes me wanna smoke so bad, and I don’t smoke.


Taking back this deux to Plisskin lays the figurine tray, which snugly holds the figure, sets of hands and its copious amount of accessories (more on those in a minute). It always pleases me how Sideshow takes care in its packaging. Everything has its place and meant for removal and re-insertion. No twist ties, tape or cardboard to cut through. Like Snake would have any issue escaping boards and plastic? The point is, it’s collector friendly and helps retain its retail value. But you wouldn’t resell Plisskin, now would you? He wouldn’t like that.


In the pantheon of 8o’s action stars featuring cool-guy poses and one liners, Snake Pliskin is a bleeding lunatic. There is no sane tribute to this rebel and rule breaker. But don’t tell Sideshow that! Their plastic and clothed figurine is a befitting fan memorial to Snake and you don’t need two eyes to see it.

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Standing approx. 12 inches tall, Snake is outfitted with his trademark duds, including spiked “Don’t F with me!” boots with shin guards, urban camo pants, belt with holsters, sleeveless muscle shirt, brown leather jacket and (none removable) eye patch that would make Nick Fury jealous. All the makings of a anti-action hero fueled with piss and vinegar.

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The pants, shirt and jacket are made of real cloth and faux leather material. Stitched and crafted to be as screen accurate as possible. The jacket has a distressed worn look to it, like its been through some shit. The muscle shirt is tight and made of some sort of spandex material. It snugs against Snakes frame like a moth to a flame. The pants… while I admire the replication, they’re rather a low-cut-butt-cut. Now Snake is tough as nails, but he’s not quite gangsta. I’d pull up those knickers but either Snake won’t let me or they’re just weirdly tailored.


The only set of clothing not made of fabric material are the boots. Watch out for those spikes. They’re spikey! Like seriously! Even though they’re plastic, there’s not much give to them. Easily catch one under your finger nail while posing or undressing Snake. But tough guys don’t feel pain, right? Then again, I’m not a tough guy.

Speaking of undressing Snake. What? I’m comfortable enough with my masculinity to undress a doll and look at what he’s packing… I know who I am!

Actually, I didn’t de-robe Snake too much. He helped get me through some really tough times as a child, I owe him the decency of keeping his pants up. Under his shirt, however…


Oh yeah, there it is – that famous cobra tattoo emblazoned on Snake’s stomach. It’s like a beacon of badassery! It’s not some silly decal either. It’s hand painted.



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The head sculpt is a spot-on detailed likeness of Kurt Russell’s kisser as Snake Plisskin, with movie-accurate (none removable) eyepatch, facial features, and (plastic) hair. I dunno if it’s my man crush on Kurt Russell, or demand of respect to anyone with an eye patch, but I want to pour this 1/6th scale version of Snake a wee mug of beer and make with the imaginary tough talk. I’ll chalk that up to the Sideshow sculptors capturing the all-American escape artist to life of so well. It’s hard to argue that ole Snake has ever looked more awesome. My only complaint, is that his lips are not sculpted in a way that would hold the accessorized cigarette.

In terms of pose-ability, the feet do not provide a solid enough base, nor are the legs pliable enough for the figure to stand on its own – at least very well. You can’t get any good poses without the assist of the figure stand, and I, for one,  loath using those things. The arms joints are tight, which can be a good thing. In this case, however, they’re really stiff at the elbows. Bending the arms and you feel like you’re going to snap them off if you’re not careful. It makes for removing Snake’s Jacket (fear or tearing or ripping it) a frightening ordeal – it’s like to the terror you feel opening up a bag of Cheetos while sitting on a white couch. Snake is not meant for any of those Cirque Du Soleil body movements, anyway so…


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The one-eyed warrior comes complete with an arsenal of modified firepower holstered at his side, toting the USPF-issued sub-machine gun with detachable silencer, scope and spare mags, his sidearm revolver with scope, and an array of throwing stars. Cigarette in hand, Snake is fully equipped with a radio and homing device – and just so there’s no funny business he’s shackled up with wrist time-clock and tracker.


Just to show you Sideshow’s commitment to quality and detail, take his revolver for example. It has a spinning barrel with removable bullets! Crazy, right? Completely unnecessary but totally cool exercise in detail.


There are very few characters as badass as Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken, and now the very essence of that bad-ass-ed-ness is captured in Sideshow Collectibles’ Snake Plissken Sixth Scale Figure. Many collectors have been wanting a decent figure in this scale for a looooong time. Frankly after seeing the terrible ReAction version of Snake Plissken, THIS is the ultimate tribute to the 80s cult classic legend, and must-have for fans of John Carpenter’s ‘Escape’ saga!

The Snake Plissken Sixth Scale Figure is available for pre-order TODAY. Priced at $159.99, with installment payment plans available. If toys really do come alive at night, then you’re other collectibles are f**ked!

Sad story. You got a smoke?

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