This just might be the one problem in space and time itself the good Doctor can’t talk his way out of, or fix with the quick use of his sonic screwdriver. A couple in Florida built a replica TARDIS, because: (A.) They are huge fans of the show, and (B.) They wanted to use it in their wedding photos. Their themed wedding pictures went off without a hitch and the happy couple found a spot, temporary most likely, for the TARDIS in the driveway. Then the one power in the universe that even the Doctor wisely fears reared its ugly head, the dreaded Lexington Home Owners Association of Tampa Florida.

This letter arrived in the mail:


It seems that someone in the neighborhood isn’t a fan of the show, or that bright blue call box in the couple’s driveway. The TARDIS owner posted the letter to Facebook with this comment:

I’m slightly amused by this….I maintain this is a mode of transportation, therefore I have every right to park it in my driveway.

That might be the best argument for having a TARDIS in the driveway I have ever heard. What irks me about this is that someone in the neighborhood didn’t like it, but didn’t have the decency, or the balls, to just talk with the couple about it. You know… the NEIGHBORLY thing to do in these types of situations.

I’m sure the couple planned to move the TARDIS to the back yard or somewhere in the house. Perhaps the Doctor Who Man Cave? No one, no matter how big a fan of Doctor Who, is going to keep it in the front yard’s driveway.

That fact that the couple isn’t really mad about the letter indicates to me that they just haven’t gotten around to moving to its final location, or they are going to get the TARDIS Chameleon Circuits fixed.


So they’ve got 15 days to “correct” the location of the TARDIS. My question for you is, what should they do in those 15 days? Rent a big screen and hold a Doctor Who viewing marathon party? Video the moving process for the Internet? Move it from the driveway to the curb and make it their new mailbox?

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