While we still don’t have the actual April 2015 premiere date for the season five return of Game of Thrones, HBO has announced a new special, A Day in the Life, which will air on Sunday February 8th. What’s this new special all about?

HBO isn’t saying much about A Day in the Life besides announcing the air date and title. The most likely explanation is a behind the scenes look at season five filming, along with a look back at where all the characters ended up in season four.


HBO did the same thing with season four at about the same time last year. If HBO sticks to the same schedule then we can expect to see the first season five trailer in a couple of weeks, or at least by the end of January.

HBO’s teaser website, The Sight, has been giving some hints at season five. Here’s the video, full of flashing glimpses of puzzling tidbits.

Which GOT story line are you most interested to see in season five?

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