Since the announcement that CBS is producing a TV version of DC Comics’ Supergirl, probably every twentysomething actress in Hollywood has pictured herself in blue tights and a red cape, flying through the air to save the day. It’s a plum role to be sure, and probably the most watched bit of TV casting at the moment, which is why we’re bringing you yet another name that’s floated to the surface of all the name-game guess work. Interestingly, like the casting of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel, it seems now plausible that his cousin, the Girl of Steel, may also be played by a British actor, Gemma Atkinson.

The Sun is reporting that Atkinson has auditioned for the role. Auditioned. That’s all. Hardly breaking news because, hey, she’s 30 years old and blonde. What is interesting is that Atkinson (not to be confused with fellow British thespian Gemma Arterton) is an unknown to American audiences unless they’re fans of British TV. She was a regular on Hollyoaks, In the City and Casualty, but she may be somewhat more well known for the parts she’s had in the movies Devil’s Pass and Night of the Living 3D Dead. But more important than that, she’s pretty. Look:


We previously reported that Vampire Diaries and The Originals star Claire Holt was at or near the front of the line to play Supergirl, AKA: Kara Zor-El, AKA: Kara Danvers. Who knows if that’s still the case, or if Atkinson or someone else is more likely to get the part, but the casting of Stephen Amell in Arrow and Grant Gustin in The Flash, strongly points figures to an unknown quality for the part.

Whether it’s Holt, Atkinson or Bachelorette #3, casting of Supergirl will probably happen soon as shooting of the pilot will likely take place in February or March. Of course, once a casting announcement is made official, we will have the news for you here on Nerd Bastards. Stay tuned.

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