Neill Blomkamp Has ‘Alien’ Concept Art? Say What?!?!


In 2009, Neill Blomkamp made a science fiction movie about aliens called District 9. It was grounded and realistic. A straightforward, albeit allegorical, dramatic film about a what if scenario where an alien ship arrived in the skies over Johannesburg and its crew had no way to get home. It’s a somewhat disturbing vision of what first contact might look like. And speaking of another disturbing look at first contact, there’s the Ridley Scott film Alien. Many filmmakers have had their shot at putting their own twist on the Alien story, and many more have had fantasies about taking theirs, and it looks like Blomkamp is among them. That is, if the internet can be believed.

From an unverified Twitter account, comes a series of concept art pieces that are, allegedly, part of an Alien project that Blomkamp was toying with in an unofficial capacity. What the project was – movie, comic book or video game – is never described or explained, but “Blomkamp” says that no one knew he was working on it.

The work presented below was oddly detailed, so if this is the real Blomkamp then he was really, really inspired. From the looks of it, Blomkamp had some big idea about making a continuation of the storyline from Alien and Aliens as the concept art included Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), a messed up looking Hicks (Michael Biehn), the xenomorph queen, and the space jockey. Fascinatingly, Weaver has a role in Blomkamp’s next film, so perhaps we was just inspired by being in her presence to toy with the idea of doing something Alien related.

Take a look at all the posted art below:

It begs the question though, if this is real stuff by the real Blomkamp or just a clever, though obviously talented fan, who figured out a way to get some attention? And if this is the real Blomkamp might he be looking to make a play for the Alien franchise? It’s all in limbo right now as Scott considers a second go of Prometheus, but if or when that doesn’t play out, is Blomkamp staking a claim? All compelling questions.

One thing we know for certain, Blomkamp’s next sci-fi opus, Chappie, is in theaters March 6.

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