Marvel had some fun with Ant-Man fans and the Internet the other day by releasing the first Ant-Man teaser in ant sized form. It didn’t take the Internet long to super size that teaser, but the quality was horrendous so we passed on posting it. Who wants to waste time clicking to see blurred out images that even Paul Rudd‘s mother couldn’t recognize? Thankfully, Marvel took pity on those of us without Pym Particles and re-released the teaser in a more human sized version.

Here’s the Ant-sized version for those that missed it:

Now that we’re sure everyone here has seen the small version, here’s the one that we can actually make out some details on:

OK, let’s talk about what we just saw. It starts with Rudd as  Scott Lang walking with two deputies. Note that Rudd has band-aids on his face and he looks  little battered, perhaps from the prison fight scene we see later in the teaser?

Then we see the Pym Laboratories and Michael Douglas as Hank Pym in a lab like area with a large levered safe? Then a quick shot of Corey Stoll as business man Darren Cross who’s up to no good. Just look at that smirk on his face.

Then we see the prison fight scene. I am betting that that’s where Rudd gets the face banging we see in the first image of the teaser. Then the teaser moves to images of Evangeline Lilly fighting/training with someone. I’d put good money that Rudd is the one getting his ass kicked around that mat by Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne character.

Next we see the legs of Ant-Man, or at least the Ant-Man costume running down a hall. Could that be towards Scott Lang’s Daughter’s room? Is it just my imagination or do the legs seem to be getting shorter as he runs towards the door?

Even after all the craziness that has surrounded this movie with the exit of Edgar Wright and the possible production issues that came from that abrupt change I feel confidant that Marvel will deliver a quality movie that helps introduce new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Characters that will play larger roles in the future Marvel movies.

What do you think?

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